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October 31, 2014

On Time

Friday. Yes, I watched Elementary last night, no way around it, not even a question. Why? I have no idea. I'm wondering if it's more I've gotten myself into a rut and have no desire or energy to get myself out. Then again, it's an odd take on the Sherlock Holmes canon, one that seems to have set a hook. I'm less thrilled with the Benedict Cumberbatch version/series and don't make it a point to watch it. Go figure. I can't. Or don't want to know. Ho, ho.

Still, to bed just after eleven, up with the alarm without effort feeling just fine, thank you. Perhaps that long nap I got in yesterday afternoon took care of any need for a long night's sleep last night. We can turn such things over in our mind forever, might as well stop right now and think about getting to the doctor's appointment at eleven. Bring along the list of meds and notes on things to address. Hup. And all that. Be ready.

Later. Raining, a drive to the doctor's appointment for the annual checkup, a session going over this and that resulting in an appointment for a colonoscopy (has it really been ten years since the last?), a check with the pulmonary specialist for a potential sleep test - sleep apnea causing the “tiredness”? - when I see him in December and an appointment with a ear, nose and throat specialist. Such is the situation this Friday, the last day of the month.

More rain, not a lot, I'd like to get out, see if there's anything going on over at the construction site. An ice cream bar on the way back from the doctor's office, so lunch in less critical by half. What's left to do with the day? Must be something we can stir up.

Later still. Out the door with two cameras taking the usual set of pictures. A smaller number of workers finishing up the rebar and related installations and so pictures again taken by holding the camera up over the head to clear the fence, setting the composition by viewing the camera back display rather than looking through the viewfinder. Alright, not altogether comprehensible unless you've done it or watched it being done, but not unlike taking a picture with your phone.

Muddy, some very light rain and so back to the apartment to finish the absentee ballot (it needs to be mailed tomorrow): need to do more research on the propositions, not all of them are immediately obvious. More than enough with this to take care of the rest of the afternoon. I sympathize with my barber who's thrown up her hands and has decided not to vote. Not an option, not to vote.

Even if you don't know what or whom you're voting for? BART directors, after all? Supreme court positions?

We can do this. We're losing our marbles, yes, but we've still got enough of them left to play a game or two yet.

Evening. Nothing on television I haven't seen before and really don't need to see again. How many times can one say that? We'll find out, I guess. Been a good day, otherwise. Clear headed, not tired. Anything to do with the weather? Rain? No pollen? Can't say, don't know, but we'll go to bed early and see if we can't get to sleep on time.

The photo up top was taken a year ago today with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f/2.0 DC Nikkor lens.