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November 1, 2014

Tablet Tonight

Saturday. To bed fairly early actually, some time watching something reasonably horrible on the tablet before conking out (for Halloween, of course), no trick or treaters (wasn't expecting any) and so to sleep at a decent hour. Up with the alarm a little slowly I was thinking, more through laziness than being tired.

Dark and overcast, although it looks as if some sun might make it through later, the weather people saying a 30% chance of rain, but then trailing off to zero tonight and zero through the week to come. So not so bad, we'll assume we'll soon enough see some sun.

Off to breakfast and back like a clock, some thought to walk over to the farmers market for a cup of coffee, anything as an excuse to get out to take pictures, if only to find something for the photograph up top and behind the title. So good, the energy is good and we mailed our ballot on the way to breakfast this morning.

Later. The twenty-eighth, by the way (last Tuesday: we do eventually remember these things) was the official start of my sixteenth year of keeping the journal. No, I have no idea why or how it's gone on for so long, it's not unlike something that's died, but won't do the decent thing and go to its grave. Some kind of zombie journal. Just enough effort expended to write, but not enough effort to give it shape and purpose. It does evidently keep me happy. Amused. Crazed and confused. No idea. Don't suspect it matters.

A walk to the ATM on Lakeshore in a long sleeved shirt and light jacket. Should have worn a winter coat. Cool to cold, no doubt about it: it's now November.

A cup of Bicycle coffee at the farmers market. I've passed by their stand a number of times thinking to give it a try, but the lines were always too long and I'm not good with lines. Early enough this morning and so a cup. The big difference was in the lack of bitterness, a very smooth finish, otherwise not much that I noticed. They brew each cup individually, pouring hot water through a filter and charging two-fifty for a small cup. OK, I've now had mine, we'll file the information away with all the other clutter of the day.

I passed by a number of these walking under the white columned pergola along the lake and then by others posted on poles out along Grand. Somebody doesn't like the three of the front runners in the mayor's race. Not signed, of course, although I'd be curious as to what exactly set this off. Elections. I mailed my ballot this morning listing my three rank ordered choices. Two of them are the targets of these fliers.

Later still. It's been a clear headed day, almost feels like we've turned a corner, although I obviously know there's no way to tell. What? Two days in a row, now? Two days do not an era make, although, one might hope, it could signal a start.

That aside, a bus downtown to pick up a prescription refill, entering the store to find three people in line at the counter. Twenty minutes later, two minutes after the bus had left the stop by the store, I was able to pick up the prescription (two minutes and $2.20 to accomplish) and so walked over to the City Center to have coffee and a bun at an outside table. Had to wait ten minutes while they refilled the coffee jug, but finally we could sit and deconstruct this early afternoon of waiting in lines adventure.

No, I didn't say anything out of line or react negatively, but I did get well into a conversation with self about how easily it was to get/feel cranky. I suspect I was this way when I was younger, just less touchy, harder to get me to rise. Not the first time this has happened, just hope it doesn't get any worse. Bad enough to get old and rickety, worse yet to become a caricature.

Off the bus at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, by the construction site to document their progress, a nice blue sky and white clouds rising over the building with no one on site. Better. Felt better. Not cranky. Still arguing the fact, but from a distance.

Keep your wheels on the track, my man.

More easily done when your head is empty clear.

Evening. To bed in the mid-afternoon to watch the rest of a movie on the tablet that devolved, as the movie was coming to a conclusion, into an ocular migraine of the fairly intense sort. Intense enough to move us out into the ozone where movies and reality get all mixed up. Went to sleep then and awoke later feeling better, although it takes time to come completely back.

The chocolate covered coffee ice cream bar earlier? The only thing I'd eaten on the prohibited list, the chocolate coating. Not enough to set one off, you'd think. I'd think. To bed early, no more tablet tonight.

The photo up top was taken this morning at the Grand Lake Farmers Market with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.