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Here In Oakland

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October 30, 2014


Thursday. It was a good game last night. No way to tell who was going to win until the last out. Hard series to win, hard series to lose. Baseball. It may well survive.

To bed after nine, lights out having spent but little time on the tablet, up with the alarm and out the door without a great deal of trouble. Overcast skies, but now some sun breaking through as we write. The second two loads of laundry in the wash, the first two loads in the drier. It required something of a debate to get me started, but it always does and started I did.

You want a gold star and a pat on the head?

I want the laundry finished and done.

Later. The laundry was finished by eleven (all folded and hung but for the socks, which get their turn later this afternoon) and so a walk to drop off the failed hard drive in its prepaid return container at the post office and on to the morning restaurant for lunch, a grilled cheese sandwich, ice cream and lemonade. Hungry. And more than a bit tired.

I noticed this guy across the way while waiting for lunch out at a table and so took a picture, thinking I'd cross the street and take one from the usual location after lunch, but better to take one beforehand in case he'd finished by the time I was finished. No danger in that.

A bus then back to the apartment (I was tired and made it a point to wait for a bus instead of walking) to go by the construction site to take pictures over the fence again, not really sure what I'd gotten until I downloaded them later. OK, we're still documenting the thing. All that spread out metal and such are soon to be covered in cement, makes you realize how much goes into one of these things.

Including the amount of cement they require.

Those floors are thicker (and heavier) than I would have guessed now that I've watched them pour a couple.

Back home to futz with the photographs, bailing to go to bed for a nap. The nap lasted well over two hours. I was indeed tired, awoke at the tail end of another ocular event (I'd had cheese with lunch?), up now at five. We'll take it easy the rest of the evening and see if we can't get in shape for our doctor's visit tomorrow in the morning.

Evening. Sitting, watching Mr. Rose interview Neil Young I remembered today was the day I was supposed to do the home Protime blood test. I'd forgotten. Easily remedied, but I guess I'm not kidding about the memory lapses. Another mark on the chalk board. They're adding up.

Did recall the first episode of the third season of Elementary is on tonight at ten. Ten. An hour program at ten? Do I really care about Elementary enough to blow my sleep routine after last night and my slow morning? And afternoon? But feeling pretty good this evening?

I suspect.

I had to look up the name, by the way, Elementary, having checked the schedule but a couple of hours earlier. How's that for memory?


The photo up top was taken of a flier on a poll today in front of the morning café with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.