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October 29, 2014

A Great Game

Wednesday. I probably shouldn't be watching things on the tablet at night in bed as, according to a recent article, it tends to delay getting to and then sabotages a good night's sleep. Something about LED's. You read so many things that aren't true, but still, watched another Inspector Lewis last night until after ten and then, although awakened by the alarm, I needed to sleep in for another hour. Drift in and out of sleep for another hour.

Fine, running late, breakfast at the usual place, gas prices seemingly lower again this morning, the price of regular blanked out (not sure why they do that), but the two displayed prices down by a couple of cents since yesterday morning. Not that this means anything in my universe, but it has an effect on the economy and such.

And that's important for what reason again?

I've gotten myself trapped in this take pictures of the gas price changes at the gas station across the street rut and so we play at the idea that it makes sense.

Nice day out there, the temperatures cooler, we'll see what we can do at the construction site for pictures - still not sure if that project hasn't canceled itself - and maybe head downtown for lunch. See if there's a Wednesday noon band playing today. Something like that.

You must be feeling better.

I'm feeling OK.

Later. A walk over to the construction site to find another crane unloading what I believe (from earlier images) bundles of coiled wire. Heavy, those bundles. Up around the Bellevue side to take pictures holding the camera up over my head to shoot over the fence, some of the images turning out, some not. Probably better if I paid more attention as I'm shooting.

Pictures taken, on along Grand to catch a bus to the City Center. Yes, there is a band playing today, the last Wednesday session of the summer, but I'd arrived an hour before they started and so a cinnamon roll and coffee out at the table in front of the bagel shop before walking back to Broadway and on to Grand to catch the next bus back home.

I thought of getting off at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, but said the hell with it, got off at my stop and back to the apartment. A brief lie down on the bed for a while nap, similar to the nap taken this morning, some slight dozing, but nothing I'd describe as sleep. It's approaching three, warm and sunny out there, but comfortable here in front of the fan.

No word from Dell on the replacement hard drive that had failed under warranty, so we'll see if it comes (I'm suspecting, for next day service) tomorrow. Doesn't matter. The box had four slots for internal hard drives, I also ordered an additional two for the two remaining unused slots and I'll mirror both sets for safety.

The next time a drive fails I'll have a backup. I didn't lose data with the drive that failed, we have other measures in place, but we'll be doubly sure. Tripley sure. Might as well, hard drives don't cost much of anything anymore.

Later still. They weren't kidding when they said they'd send it next day as it arrived this afternoon through FedEx. A Seagate this time. Popped it into the machine, the system sees it, but doesn't want to let me format it as a second (D:\) drive. Ah, well. We'll talk to their tech support tomorrow. They've become more clever since my old days with Dell.

Evening. Ah, right. The game. Not sure I forgot, it just happened to occur to me as it turned five. Then again I haven't thought about it since this morning when my waitress (a baseball fan) brought it up. At least the head is clear, perhaps unfortunately in my case, clear because it's empty.

Ah, yes: baseball. A great game this night.

The photo up top was taken yesterday of the building across from my apartment, removing some of the crossing over head wires from the photo, taken with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.