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October 18, 2014

Again Tomorrow

Saturday. To bed, to sleep whenever, having skipped watching anything on the tablet or rather, more accurately, not finding anything on the tablet I wanted to watch. Not easy, this making of movies from the look of them, so many are painful to watch.

Sounds like bitching to me.

Well, yes. The day has started well. Up with the alarm, no fighting it, off to breakfast and then on to the supermarket, the question of whether I'd go in doubt right up to the very last minute. The Chronicle had sent me a $10 payment card out of the blue that I'd received late this last week and I figured I might as well spend it. Said it was good at Safeway right on the card so I figured I'd give it a try.

I managed to avoid buying anything on the to be avoided list - no sake, no cheese, the two main offenders - and so came home with things of use and useful to eat. Vegetables (frozen, but still vegetables), cereal, milk, toothpaste, soap and such. A gold star for a success after so many days and weeks of procrastination.

To Rite Aid later to pick up two prescription refills and those fiber pills. Not totally sure I need them anymore after that gall bladder operation, but I'm unwilling to find out. Oh, and the batteries are due to arrive today from Amazon, so the batteries have been checked off the list.

Too easy.

Much too easy. It's a new world.

Later. Tired and so a nap, maybe an hour's sleep, then up and, seeing there was a bus in six minutes, out the door to catch the bus downtown to pick up the prescription refills and sundry other stuff. Which I did, but still feeling tired, not altogether ready for the late morning, early afternoon sunshine. Got on the next bus back home, getting off to pick up an ice cream bar at the 7-11 look-alike. If we're going to feel run down and tired, we aren't going to feel hungry. Or something like that, I was a bit hazy, grabbing at rationalizations.

Back at the apartment, the temperature up there in the seventies, the fan making it not a problem, the afternoon ahead, feeling better. The usual routine, in other words. The mornings are often slow, the afternoon better, the evening are usually just fine unless I happen to run into an ocular event of some kind, in which case the evening has an abrupt ending.

I didn't go to the Autumn Lights festival down the way at the Lake Merritt Gardens last night, didn't want to lug along a tripod and a camera. At night. After dark. I've photographed it a couple of times in the past (without a tripod) and maybe they were enough, although it's going on this evening as well. Might. Probably won't, but I/you can never tell.

Later still. So we've had (shall we say?) a laid back day, which is to say we've spent more than some time taking naps, listening to the radio in bed and moving at a turtle's pace. Quite hungry, for some reason, more so than the norm, but that's something I can eventually take care of.

Mid-seventies, fairly high humidity, thinking of going out again just to get out the door, but again: slow, foggy, not easily motivated. Three in the afternoon, time to turn it around.

A walk to the burger stand to pick up a steak sandwich for dinner. Hungry, as said, although it took most of the afternoon to talk myself into getting it.

Evening. To bed early. Nothing on the three public radio stations I have access to, nothing on television, so we'll curl up with the tablet. Odd day. Start again tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken of the construction site yesterday morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.