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October 19, 2014

And Again

Sunday. And so to bed last night to watch Inspector Lewis screw around in Oxford on the tablet with lights out around nine-thirty. Why am I able to watch the Lewis series, but no longer able to stomach Morse? Because I find I dislike the character Mr. Morse? Have no idea how long it took to get to sleep, awakening at close to eight since it was a Sunday and there was no need to set an alarm.

You'd think, after what was a long (for me) night's sleep - I think I awoke to get up but once - I'd feel pretty good, but found I was somewhat disoriented and tired all through breakfast, disoriented enough to forget to take my morning meds before I left and discovered them when I got home. Took a quick look at yesterday's entry before posting it and then went to bed. Almost immediately fell into an hour of real sleep, none of this almost, but not quite, floating in a semi-conscious cloud substitute for sleep.

And so?

Feel better now. Wondered, as I was heading into the bedroom for that nap, if today was going to be another yesterday, the sinuses screwed up, that appetite screwed up, the attitude well into the bah-humbug cranky old guy trap. Dangerous to think whatever short term unpleasantness is going to last. Forever. Bad for the psyche. And the photography, if not the life.

Later. A walk over to and then back from the lake, more to get some sun than anything else, back to the apartment to visit the usual web sites and then put together what pictures I still haven't added to the construction site web pages. Should have another one of those together for posting by the middle of this coming week. Good. The world is not waiting with baited breath, but it's a good sign things are better in my world at least.

Still, the head is now clear, the nose/sinuses/upper palate is fairly quiescent where it's been acting up since awakening this morning and I'm feeling pretty good. I am. Can't think of anything I want to do with it, but something may come along. Nice, out there, high sixties, low seventies, bright. Another short walk to the lake if nothing else.

Maybe that second added dose of the pain meds helped. Most of the time I think they're useless, but then, come a time like this morning, I'm less certain. Happy to have them.

Fucking drug addict.

Now, now. This is America, land of the addled and free.

Later still. A walk to the Lakeshore ATM feeling better than I'd felt this morning. Still a little wobbly once I gotten out the door, but a decent walk, two scoops of ice cream at the ice cream shop, took a picture or two that I've used above with this entry and then home. A decent breeze that effectively cut the humidity and heat. Need the fan now though that we're inside the apartment.

Evening. Nothing on television, nothing I've been able to get my head around on the tablet. A so-so day, better than yesterday, the sinuses pretty much determining how it's gone. We have a doctor's appointment coming up next week, we'll go over this sinus thing again. And again.

The photo up top was taken today at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.