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October 17, 2014

The Tablet

Friday. Up with the alarm. An interesting night last night, having gone to bed after deciding I didn't need to watch Midsomer Murders that started at eight. Yes, I'd seen it before, remembered how it starts, had no idea who done it, but off to bed to pick up watching an Inspector Lewis episode on the tablet. Which led, as mentioned, into a very strange head space/reality with the saving feature it got me to turn out the lights and let sleep cure/clear the brain of whatever it was that was causing the problem.

Odd, though, to first think the thought this morning and not at any time last night specifically that that was another ocular thing last night. For all the ups and downs during the episode I don't really remember saying to myself, well, here we are again. I was just there, no introspective thinking until this morning.

Still, a good night's sleep (probably), up and out the door to breakfast to note the regular gas price was displayed as I entered the café, but blank again as I was leaving (and so took a picture). Checked the price this time, though, just to know.

Didn't run the two errands I mentioned I wanted to run yesterday, so we'll do them today. Didn't go by the supermarket this morning to pick up things to make changes to the diet, so we'll do them tomorrow. The sun seems to be coming through, so off to take the construction site pictures and get those errands run. Done.

Later. A walk over to the construction site with a long lens on the camera to take a set of pictures. I finally figured out what the green tubing was. It encases a stranded steel cable used I'm sure for strength instead of hose carrying water associated with a clever cooling system. I've been wondering if this building will have solar panels on its roof similar to the solar paneled building next door. Idle thoughts. Pay no attention. Not sure I do myself.

Back to the apartment to download the pictures from the camera card and then immediately set off to catch the bus downtown. Didn't want to go downtown, didn't want to stay inside, but the body was going and I didn't have any other option other than to follow.

A visit to the Rite Aid for batteries and a fiber pill refill, the batteries kept behind locked glass doors and no one around to open them. Hmm. The hell with it, left and checked out the Wallgreens across the street. They had the batteries without the locked doors, but they also wanted an additional dollar-forty for the four batteries. Screw it. We don't need them until next week, if then. On to the City Center bagel shop for a Cinnamon roll and coffee.

A conversation with self during all this about my cranky behavior. None of what had happened was unexpected, none of it unusual, why fight it? Just getting old and emulating one of the old guy behavior patterns so often observed and sniffed at when younger? Seems to be built into the genes or the deteriorating brain, part of the process.

Ah, well. Finished the Cinnamon roll and the coffee and walked over to the original Rite Aid store to get the batteries, see if there wasn't someone available to help now on the floor. No one, but one of the checkout people didn't have a customer, so I asked if there was anyone who could help. Seems not, something about waiting, so I left and walked up Broadway in a decent enough, albeit insular mood, to Grand where I waited on the bus. Cranky? I'd say. Well, not through what I'd said, but certainly by my behavior.

Home now before noon. We'll look at the pictures taken earlier and maybe make an attempt at a nap, listen to the news, do the usual afternoon tasks, the mood now decent, but just.

Later still. Better this afternoon. Ordered two prescription refills from Rite Aid through their automated order system so I'll pick them up along with the batteries and fiber pills tomorrow. Well, we may forget the batteries and order them from Amazon. (Which I just did at significant savings.)

Ordering from Amazon is evil, you know.

I know, I know, but I've been with them (except for camera gear) since they started. We live a complicated life in complicated times.

Listening to the news, the temperature seventy-one degrees, sun and clouds at three-thirty in the afternoon. Did I mention I feel better, not too much of the sinus-upper palate stuff, the vision clear, not carping about locked cabinets and long lines? Oh. I guess I did.

Evening. Nothing so far on television. Some time on the guitar (where'd that come from?), watched Moyers & Company with interest, we'll check to see who's on Charlie Rose at eight and then go to bed. The younger me would have watched Porgy and Bess at ten on PBS. I really, really liked Porgy & Bess as a youngster, but figure I'll watch it at a better time on the computer if I watch it at all.

You do have a number of recordings.

As I said, the interests seem to have wained and changed, we'll head for bed and skip the tablet.

The photo up top was taken at the construction site with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.