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October 12, 2014

New/Old World

Sunday. Slept in until six-thirty, no need to set an alarm on a Sunday, up and out the door on a clear morning. Took my time over the three papers, the Times having arrived after last Sunday's no show, back home now feeling pretty good.

Both the Berkeley Sunday Streets and the Rockridge Out And About today. I've photographed both in the past, but they've been scheduled on the same day today, so we'll see which one I photograph. We'll try for both, a matter of going to one on BART and then the other by getting on BART again and going back to change trains at the MacArthur station. I'll do it if I'm not too tired after the one, probably the Out And About, although both will definitely poop me out (and about).

Meanwhile a short nap. Attempt at a nap. Just to be safe. You understand.

Later. A brief lie down for a while, felt good for it, up to take the bus to BART thinking, since there were different trains to take, one to Sunday Streets, another to Out And About, I'd take the first train to arrive. Forgetting the 19th Street BART station was a transfer point between the trains and both arrived at the same time.

Hi, ho. I took the Sunday Streets train to Berkeley since it had already started, got off at the downtown station and found it underway, but without the number of people I'd found in earlier outings. Bright contrasty sun, overly warm, a long walk up and down the length of the thing getting too few pictures. Two hours into it I decided to leave, took the train thinking I might transfer to a Rockridge train at the MacArthur station, but crapped out. I was tired. I was.

Off again at 19th to then wait on a bus, getting off to have a sandwich at a sidewalk table at Coffee With A Beat (yes, that's the name of the place), home then to take a quick look at the pictures and then flake out on the bed under the fan. Two hours of moving and shooting is enough for one of these things, the idea of taking in two is not in the cards. Think about it, yes. Babble on about it, yes. But not in real life where it counts.

I don't believe I have enough for a section of Sunday Streets photographs, probably don't, but we'll know in another day. Meanwhile I'd posted two more sections of the construction photographs yesterday when the anti-fracking demonstration didn't turn out. So some progress this weekend. The season is winding down and I'm winding down with it.

Evening. Definitely tired from all the running around. Went through the pictures, not very many of any value, I'm afraid. An Inspector Lewis at nine that I got up and out of bed to watch that didn't finish until close to ten-thirty.

Had I seen it before? Not sure. Season seven. Have no idea when they made season seven, if this is the first release here in the States. I did have the feeling I'd seen it before, the end scene and scenes in between jogging the memory.

Which means you can see it again and retain some interest.

It's a new/old world.

The photo up top was taken at yesterday's anti-fracking demonstration at Grand and McArthur with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.