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October 11, 2014

But One

Saturday. To sleep whenever last night. Not too late, but odd to not quite remember when it was only three hours after getting up this morning with the alarm. Up but once in the night to take a leak, so let's say a decent night's sleep. Thought to go by the supermarket (again), parked the car pointed in that direction, but decided as I was leaving to go straight home. I've been fighting this for how long?

What is it you need at the supermarket?

You'd think something after all this time.

Anyway, to breakfast and back in the usual routine, some editing of yesterday's entry, spending enough time to realize how thin it really is, how thin this whole enterprise of babbling on a daily basis for reasons I really don't comprehend. But it keeps us occupied and reasonably content at the minimal cost of revealing we're demonstrably crazy. Been that way for a long time.

An anti-fracking demonstration today down by the lake starting at noon, might as well see if we can't sneak in a nap before hand.

Later. A brief nap, no sleep, so I must have gotten in enough last night. Up then around eleven to take a walk over to the lake and on to the farmers market. The fracking demonstration isn't due to start until noon, but there was a small group setting up, so we'll go back over again with an additional camera and take it in.

The weather people say it's going to be hot this afternoon, but easing off later in the week. Fine. We'll survive. Meanwhile there are pictures to find.

Later still. An hour in bed, whatever it was/is I'd eaten today kicking in, not so much in an ocular way - at least what I describe to myself as an ocular event - but the head/sinuses/whatever putting me down for an hour and discouraging any thought to going out..

Still, these things pass and so out the door, but without the two cameras I'd normally bring on a “serious shoot”. A small group had gathered and so I took snapshots to document the fact, a walk over to peer at the farmers market again and then back. Maybe ten minutes total shooting, what I'm calling snapshots. No excuses, no complaints.

Also hungry. Hadn't eaten since seven and it was after two in the afternoon, but again, couldn't talk myself into going anywhere to pick something up. One fifty-five (point two) pounds on the scale this morning, we've been holding our own, but the appetite remains close to zero. Hungry, yes, but no appetite. Interesting operation, interesting side effects, that hiatal hernia operation. Makes you wonder how common these seemingly off the wall reactions are.

But back now, the fan going, the television news droning on in the background, two of the Dr. McDougall's Asian Entrées later. I seem to be able to eat these, although I passed on about everything else.

Maybe a death wish?

Nah, just babble. The brain has waded into deep babble and doesn't seem to care. Interesting to watch, less so to experience.

Evening. Nothing on television, the two PBS movies starting at eight musicals I would have watched when I was much younger, but can spark an interest these days. These many years. How long ago was it now that I'd to only listen to, but occasionally go to a musical? The fifties, early sixties? Teenage me? I think.

To bed and the tablet, to turn the lights out at a decent hour. A long, relatively complicated day with the various ups and downs. Two events to photograph tomorrow. I suspect I'll last through but one.

The photo up top was taken at the construction site along Grand Avenue Thursday afternoon with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.