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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 10, 2014

And Not Done

Friday. No need to forever discuss how much sleep you've been getting when you stay up late yet again to finish a movie you've seen before on the tablet and end up turning out the lights until almost eleven again. That was our routine last night. Over and over. Life is indeed but a joke, although some are less funny than others.

Up with the alarm without a problem to head off to breakfast on another cool overcast morning. They're saying sun later, but not (one hopes) higher temperatures. The high sixties would be perfect. They're saying seventy-two, but close enough for us here in Oakland.

No idea what to do for the day except I'd like to continue working on the construction site web pages. There are events to photograph over the weekend and preparing construction web pages would take too much time away from them.

Later. Another hour plus nap, much of it real sleep. Hmm. When has this happened last? Yesterday comes to mind, not sure if I remember much before that. It all blends together anymore: the day, the week, the life.

Up to walk over to the construction site to take the usual set of photographs along Grand and then up at the back above the site by Bellevue. Things getting done, lumber being delivered, ditches being dug and then refilled. Progress.

Back to the apartment thinking I needed to go by an ATM, finally getting it together to take the bus to the Broadway ATM, one of the green buses then downtown, more because one happened to come along heading in that direction. Still crowded at one-thirty in the City Center, so another green bus back to its starting point at Grand, coffee and a pumpkin something at the café across from the church, then home. Another picture as I again passed the construction site.

It's now three. Let's see how many more construction web pages I can put together before I crap out. The sun finally broke through the overcast in the early afternoon and the temperature has climbed enough now that I'm sitting in front of the fan, but not enough to need it later to sleep.

Later still. Another section of construction photographs were done before saying the hell with it and lying down to watch whatever it was on the tablet. I've done sixteen sections of construction photographs in this last week or two, need to put them aside until after the weekend. Progress so far, but no cigar.

Evening. Watched New Tricks at seven, some Charlie Rose at eight. I don't seem to be able to watch any of the George Gently detective series that's running on PBS. To bed whenever. I won't do any more of this “I'm getting to bed early” stuff when it's obvious I don't follow through. Can't be that big a deal after all is said. And not done.

The photo up top was taken along Grand Avenue this afternoon with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.