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October 9, 2014

Late Again

Thursday. Lights out last night late. No excuses. I obviously felt I need to see the rest of that kung-fu movie I started yesterday and so arose this morning running half an hour late. No regrets. A cool overcast morning, no need to sleep with the fan at the foot of the bed. Have we survived another summer? Maybe not quite yet.

Something a little different to generate more pictures today. Nothing I haven't done before, but something more ambitious than I've been recently. Three events to choose from over the coming weekend, but I'm running short of pictures to put up top and it's embarrassing. Nothing like embarrassment to shape up your act.

Later. A nap. A good over an hour of actual sleep nap and so up feeling much better. Not that I was feeling all that tired, but better, definitely better. Out the door to take the construction site pictures as it was approaching one, no activity at the entrance opposite my street, but stuff going on along Grand and up above near Bellevue.

The picture taking walks don't take more than about fifteen minutes. A walk over to the lake on the way back to see what the balloons were about. Worth a picture. Back to process the photographs and then head out again for lunch. A large breakfast, but we're hungry and this time I have no doubt I can settle on something to eat. Downtown. At the morning café. Not an issue for some reason today.

Later. And so I prepared to leave, only to stop at the door and say (to no one in particular) why not stay inside, prepare something to eat here and continue the work on the construction site web pages instead? And so that's what I did. The new pages are now posted on HereInOakland and artandlife.

Evening. A Midsomer Murders I'd seen recently on the tablet at eight. Found it slow going on the tablet, didn't need to see it again. Didn't remember (of course) who done it. Either that or I'd bailed out on the tablet and don't remember I hadn't watched through to the end. These things blend together with the passage of but a little time.

Now to bed early, we'll see if we screw up by getting to sleep late again as we did last night.

The photo up top was taken last month on the construction site with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.