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October 8, 2014

All The Days

Wednesday. Lights out before ten. Good. Up without effort at the alarm, off to breakfast and back on what is going to be a clear sunny day, but (they're saying and we're hoping) without the high temperatures. Just, you know, moderately high temperatures. T-shirt weather. Paradise in the land of drought.

Mr. S dropped by the restaurant for coffee this morning to say hello. “How's it going?” Not so bad, I replied, and he seemed to agree. “Look better than the last time I came through.” Let's say he's right, I thought. Feel better, somehow. Even if it's only a fiction, let's assume it it's true. I do feel better, even if it's only marginally better, better is better (don't you know?).

What was that about?

Oh, maybe just early, perhaps still not quite awake, morning babble augmented with a few hup! hups!?

Later. Phooey, my inability to think of anything to eat when I'm hungry seems to have spread into the rest of the day's choices once I'd completed my walk over to the construction site to take the morning pictures.

A walk out the door after processing them, not so much thinking where did I want to go as to which general direction called to me more than others. Over to the morning restaurant for lunch? No. The opposite direction, walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar or farther on to Coffee With A Beat? Or both? No. A bus arrived as I was pondering without an answer and so I got on the bus as if it were the right thing to do, sometimes you just have to act.

I arrived at the City Center as the Wednesday noon band was finishing up - good band from the sound of them and the reaction of the crowd - on to buy an ice cream bar at a walk-in shop and then back and over to Peet's where I had a cup of coffee and a sugar cookie before crossing Broadway and catching another bus back to the apartment.

I must admit my antipathy toward restarting work again on the construction web pages that I'd ducked out on this morning had evaporated by the time I returned this afternoon and so we're working to finish up the month of July. Which is progress. At least the warm day is accompanied with a nice breeze and the general antipathy now seems to have dissipated.

Later still. More work on the now August construction site web pages. They're not as good as I'd thought and I wasn't all that impressed with them in the first place. Such is life. I'm assuming they'll improve as we get into September and October, but I wonder? More people in the later photographs. My particular interest. You can only generate so much enthusiasm over lumber and cement.

You live, you learn.

Over and over.

Evening. That ice cream bar and sugar cookie? The coffee? Whatever, but a really foul tasting mouth there for a while, to the point I went to bed and listened to the three o'clock News Hour on the radio instead of television in the living room. When's the last time I've had a ice cream bar and a sugar cookie together? Not all that long ago. I'll go back and check, see if I had a similar experience with the foul mouth and tilted universe.

Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

That I'd be able to find the entry? So far I'd have to admit that's true.

Nothing on television so finished watching a Chinese movie on the tablet, a swords, kung-fu, flying through the air fighting affair that worked at times and didn't at others. If that makes sense. To bed early. Feel much better after the dry foul mouth, the sinuses doing their thing, but in the background, not dominating the conversation.

Another odd, but similarly odd, day as all the days lately seem to have become.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.