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Here In Oakland

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October 7, 2014

He Said

Tuesday. I got caught up in whatever it was last night on the tablet and didn't turn the lights out until ten-thirty, the same time I'd been complaining I'd turned out the lights the night before, which led to feeling quite tired throughout the day. I seem to be very good at shooting myself in the foot: accurate aim, finger on the trigger. Still, this morning I slept in and got up an hour after the alarm to then set off feeling much better to a later breakfast. Maybe that will allow us to dodge the bullet today, but I doubt it. Stupidity will out. It's in the genes.

But, that said, a nap before we head over to the construction site. Be prepared, as the scoutmaster said.

Later. An actual nap. Over an hour. Good. The idiot may have dodged his bullet.

A walk to the construction site, thinking I'd take the usual set of pictures and then head over to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar. Hungry. Hungry enough, now that it was afternoon, to eat a proper meal, but for some reason couldn't get myself to do it.

Anyway, comments among the workers I was photographing - oh, look who's here again - good natured comments, all of them. I hope they are of a similar mind when they see the photographs. I need to run into their supervisor again and give him the links, let him be the first one to take a look before I pass out more cards. No big deal, but a promise was made.

Anyway, home to process the photographs and go to work on those last June photographs and into July. May or may not finish July since there are so many more photographs available to choose from in the later months. June taught me that.

Later still. Still warm, but not as warm as it's been. The fan is running, although I turned it off for the first time at three this morning in bed. Too cool, even with the covers. Progress.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent finishing another two sections of construction site photographs. I would do them very differently now if I had them to do again, but that's the way it goes in learning to photograph a new and different subject. They're not all the same. Changes will be made as we go forward.

Evening. Tuesday evenings are a disaster for television, what I call television, so to bed to be entertained by Netflix and Amazon on the tablet, checking to see who was on Charlie Rose at eight, decided against listening to an interview with Mr. Panetta, back to bed with the lights out by ten. He said.

The photo up top was taken last month along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.