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Here In Oakland

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October 6, 2014

Undivided Attention

Monday. A little cooler last night, up with the alarm feeling reasonably whole, off to breakfast with all three papers in tow. Which is good. Sunday's N.Y. Times no show was a one off.

Today: finish the June construction pictures and whatever else may come to mind. I've (surprisingly) become almost energetic lately, framing a print or two, moving this and that around in the apartment. Nothing to merit a Good Housekeeping seal, we're far too far gone for anything so ambitious, but, even with the aching sinuses and such, we're good. We are. More to come?

Later. My getting to bed late is, in fact, showing up. Tired, don't feel like exerting myself. Lie down on the bed, can't sleep, but lie down on the bed anyway and fuzz out. I suspect the day is going to fuzz out.

Still, a short walk over to the construction site to take the daily pictures, bright contrasty light, but got the pictures and returned to the apartment and process them. You know you're in trouble when you don't process them right away or at least on a timely basis. The problem I've had by putting off the construction web pages. All the photographs were processed on the day they were taken, jpegs created, but the task of putting them together becomes more intimidating the longer you delay.

Still, some progress putting together the June photographs this morning and into the early afternoon. In between attempts at naps and listening to the news.

Hungry at two in the afternoon, but too tired to go out and get anything to eat, so we'll microwave a cup of Szechuan Noodles for right now and prepare pasta and clam sauce at some point later.

Later. The June photographs are close to finished, three new sections done with some still left over to start with June-July. Tired of them right now, but we'll look at a June-July compilation tomorrow, meanwhile we've posted the June photographs to HereInOakland and artandlife. I have no idea if anyone (other than the workers who've continued to ask about them) will like them or not.

Is that important?

A certain refreshing level of freedom is achieved when you finally realize you don't really have to give a rat's.

Evening. Started another series on the tablet to begin the evening and then watched Death In Paradise at seven. I'd seen it before, remembered the beginning, but didn't remember who'd done it until it was spelled out at the very end. Nothing new in that. I skipped Mr. Rose at eight, got back to bed with Ms. Klein's book and the tablet. After a late last night and feeling tired today, sleep has my (fuzzy headed not quite undivided) attention.

The photo up top was taken Wednesday at the apartment house construction site with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.