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Here In Oakland

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October 5, 2014


Sunday. More Netflix on the tablet as well as more of Ms. Klein's This Changes Everything, lights out by ten only to awaken more times than I remember and then getting up a good half an hour before six, wide awake. Speedy. Felt good, I'd gotten quite a bit done through the day, yesterday, you'd think that might have led to a longer night's rest.

Off to breakfast going by the ATM on the way, no N.Y. Times delivered this morning and so reading two instead of the three papers over breakfast and finishing at eight, relatively early for a usual Sunday morning. I haven't seen a single pandorea blossom in these last weeks on either of the two vines and was surprised to come upon these. Just on the one vine. Where did they come from? I might easily have missed seeing them yesterday, but this many blooming in but one or two days?

We'll see about the Castro Street Fair later this morning. They're saying it will be somewhat cooler today, but only marginally cooler, and who knows how that will affect my decision. I suspect I'll go, but then again I suspect I won't. I did prepare a heading and set up the initial pages to post them on artandlife yesterday, but maybe they'll go to waste.

Later. Decided against the Castro Street Fair. I suspect Folsom Street was enough leather and sweat for one year.

A short walk over to and along the lake to sit then on one of the benches, taking the picture up top along with but two others, back to settle down with the construction site web pages again and finishing them finally through the month of May, posting them on HereInOakland and on artandlife. We'll take a crack at June before the day is done.

It is warm, haven't gone out the door since morning, so the excitement for the day is sitting here in front of the fan, listening to the 24 hour French news groan on in the background on television as we process more pictures. Not so bad really.

Evening. Made a good dent in the June construction site web pages, I suspect we'll finish June up tomorrow.

Watched the Inspector Lewis episode on PBS at nine. Enjoyed it well enough, no thought to go to bed before it finished at ten-thirty, but we'll see if I've screwed up staying up after ten tomorrow. Feedback around here is immediate.

The photo up top was taken of a store window on Grand near Broadway this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.