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October 13, 2014

In Our Past

Monday. To bed at ten-thirty and to sleep soon after, getting up about twenty minutes later than I'd set the alarm. Not so bad. The bottoms of the feet were aching when I awoke, a sign maybe I've not been doing enough walking lately, haven't maintained the stamina needed for a proper photo shoot. Maybe think about that. Later.

Off to breakfast on another clear going to be overly warm day (they're saying). A chance of rain late tomorrow, so we're getting closer to reasonable weather around here. Nothing yet to show an El Niño might be forming at any time soon to increase the chances for rain, but you never know. We'll remain hopeful. And keep on reading the reports.

My lack of enough walking and weekend pictures might drive me to do something unusual about it later today, but I doubt it. When's the last time, for example, I've been to Jack London Square? Anything going on there? I do need more of the pants hangers they sell at Bed, Bath & Beyond. A good excuse to head on down.

Later. A slow enough morning, but out the door finally to take the usual run over to the construction site and shoot pictures with the long lens on the camera. Why not? I think of changing lenses as a way to look at the world differently as you have to frame your photographs to fit the dimensions the lens allows. Probably a silly rationalization. I just didn't want to take two cameras along.

Anyway, photographs and then back to the apartment.

Later still. An odd day. Yes, from this never ending dialogue, they all seem rather odd. Different, at least. Tired this morning, but finally getting up to head out the door figuring it was hopeless and the minute I stepped outside I felt just fine. Not an unusual experience, but I really did have to talk myself into leaving and, once I'd left, the world immediately shifted on its axis. My world, at least.

A bus to the City Center where I had a breakfast roll and coffee. It's Columbus Day, so fewer people at the Center, but still lots of people about. A walk to the convenience store near the bagel shop for an ice cream bar, we'd been thinking about that ice cream bar since getting home from breakfast this morning, and then back toward Broadway, again feeling pretty good, making a deal with myself: if the free green bus where to arrive just as I arrived by its stop at the corner, I'd take it to Jack London Square and do the shopping I'd talked about.

As I approached the corner the green bus arrived. Put me on the spot. A quick debate, the bus doesn't wait, before getting on to Jack London where I discovered one of the tall ships was moored. Hadn't read about its arrival. Not uncommon, they seem to visit every summer, but had I known I would have brought a better suited lens. Still a picture. Of course.

A walk then to Bed, Bath & Beyond, turning a corner and running into a couple walking their bicycles, the woman (helmet, sun glasses, rider's jacket) said hello. A hug and a greeting of Ms. A from the APL days. Nice. Kismet and all that. A green bus and now a hug from an attractive friend. Still have time left in the day for a third unexpected play of fate. They come in threes they say. Sometimes.

The come if you don't ask or expect. Expecting three, for example, will break the spell.

Silly we.

OK, buy the pants hangers, the kind that hang them with clips by their cuffs, and then a walk to Beverages & More for reasons I won't explain because they're totally unknown and inexplicable. Three small bottles, each different, of sake. I haven't had any sake or anything else alcoholic to drink in a long time (is it months?), didn't have any urges to buy them today, yet there I was, pants hangers and sake in hand. On the bus and back to Grand.

A walk the rest of the way home. A picture as I passed by the construction site. Still feel just fine working at the computer, although that sake is sitting in the kitchen and, if life is consistent, I may well pay for my purchase tomorrow morning. And that afternoon. As I've done more than once in this life.

Go figure.

As I said: I can't.

Evening. We seem to have kept it to but one of the three bottles of sake I'd purchased this afternoon, something a little different than I've managed in the past. OK. Watched Death In Paradise at seven, one I'd seen before, remembered many of the hokey scenes, but had forgotten (again) who'd done it. Not that it matters. If it did, I suspect I'd remember. No upsets, no regrets.

To bed early at eight. We'll undoubtedly tap the tablet, but I'd like to get a good night's sleep and get up with the alarm, awaken just before the alarm, get the schedule back on track. A good day's walking, not at all tired, maybe I'm not all that out of shape. A couple of miles a day walking should be enough, no need to be running the lake.

He said.

No need for hair shirts or whips, my man, we're done with any of that we may have entertained in our past.

The photo up top was taken yesterday and the Berkeley Sunday Streets with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.