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October 19, 2009

Outside The Bubble
Sunday. A good evening, this evening: ate the cheese and crackers, had a nice piping hot flask of sake, what I call the “cheap” Ozeki sake although I notice it's gone up a couple of bucks these last several months (I'd say the dollar really is dropping except it's made here in nearby Hollister). Which is good. Not too much sake, probably too much cheese, but not that much too much, the head in a nice state, but early to bed after a night of watching thoroughly inferior television. I'm sure the thoroughly inferior television did the most damage. But then it always does.

Monday. The question yesterday - is the bubble gone? - is answered pretty clearly this morning on day three: yes it is. If not gone, then it's hard to find traces. That's an overstatement, but essentially true. Doodle-dee-do. Could come back tomorrow, could come back this afternoon, but for now I'm taking the bit and running. Somewhere. Problem that, figuring out where it is you want to run once your engine has started and the gas tank is full.

Back now from breakfast, a light shower on the way back, a bit of a chill, but not cold. I've had one or two thoughts of what to do today, thoughts I've had before, but with an odd maybe I'll actually do it twist. Am I in for something completely different? Let's see. Probably in the next paragraph.

Later. I've surprised even myself. For some reason I looked at the resume I have here on the site and began fiddling with it, correcting one thing and then another (I really had that posted for how long?) and found, after a couple of hours, I'd added a decade. I realized (after posting) I'd put one or two of my old jobs out of order. How do you forget the sequence of companies where you've worked in the past? Well, have enough of them, give yourself three decades in between, and see.

This resume (or whatever it should be called) has been hanging out unfinished for years. Literally years and came about when I left APL and decided I didn't need to hide behind a pseudonym anymore. Fear not being an online fool I said. I may well be wrong and discover there are consequences. I don't think, for example, you'd use what I've written to gain the confidence of a potential employer. At least not the usual sort of employer. I don't think. In Oakland. But we'll see. Part of getting out of my rut? Out of the pan (and into the fire)?

Showers again, by the way. A walk out the door and then right back when it started to rain. Not a day for a walk unless it lightens up later and it looks like it's getting worse. A run to the store to buy a sponge mop? The one I have finally falling apart as I was using it in the bathroom this morning? Using the sponge mop? When was last time?

Don't go there.

Later still. A PhotoShop retouching class for two hours late morning tomorrow, one on one with the instructor as last week's class had to be cancelled. Lunch Wednesday with the now recovered Ms. R in my old San Francisco neighborhood, lunch Thursday with the old APL crew, beverages later at six with Mr. E and Mr. S at Roy's. Good stuff outside the bubble.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 LovEvolution Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at f 2.8 at 1/1000th second, ISO 200.