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October 18, 2009

Don't You Think?
Sunday. Got to bed at a decent hour and slept in til nine, went to breakfast at the usual place and read the papers, checked out the local used book store - the habit of a voracious reader who no longer reads, well, voraciously reads - back now just before eleven. The “no more head in a bubble” aspect of yesterday held well into the evening and I found myself looking at the LovEvolution pictures again with, what, a fresh eye? Fresh or not I did another page of twenty one photographs for artandlife feeling, well, a bit startled. I was doing a task I've done many times but, without the bubble, I was doing it as if for the first time with a better eye. My, my. This bubble thing is a big deal and I think it's still clear this morning, although I think I have to get outside later to see, walk a mile or two and see, deedle-dee-dee. I suspect there are no rules in the bubble business, but boy-howdy do I hope these no bubble days continue (for as long as it may like).

OK, to you a big deal, what else?

Makes me want to write down all the things that may have changed, may have had a factor in popping the damned thing. I started taking vitamin D three days ago. They go up and down about vitamin D. Winter is coming, less sun, maybe take a supplement during these coming darker days, see if that doesn't have an effect. Anything to do with bubbles? Probably not. Three days, after all. I've been snorting Flonase in the mornings now for about a month. I can see things happening in the sinuses and in the nose, ground central these last many years, but could the nose have anything do to with bubbles? Again, who knows? It could. Walk on eggs. Throw salt over the (left? right?) shoulder. Keep your god-damned mouth shut lest She Getteth Pissed! (One does not want Her to getteth pissed. There are many examples in the bible - locusts, floods, boils, bees - that stress this “watch your mouth” business.)

You, at a minimum, digress.

Yes. I digress. Like a bubble popped, pieces all over the place.

Later. We are more settled now, more sober, less given to foolishness. The day progresses, the sun is hidden behind rainy looking clouds on a mid-October weekend. The head still has all of its various grumbles and aches, but we're saying the bubble has yet to be found even with the various grumbles aches I'm so quick to complain about

A bus ride downtown and a walk around the area, what do I want to do? A thought to take another bus out to what is called Pill Hill where there's a condo that's been listed now for over a month: two bedrooms, two baths in a building that was built in 2005, the price less than half what it was when it was new. Just the thought of getting on a bus to do that is different, but not conclusive. Bubble, bubble?

Back to the apartment and then strangely enough a drive to that condo to see what the building looked like, where it was located. I know the area near the hospital and my doctor's office. No one around, but it was obviously the second story unit with the broker's for sale sign. Another unit is also listed, a one bedroom, one bath, for essentially the same price. The two bedroom under two hundred dollars a square foot, the one bedroom just over three. My, my. Then there's the taxes and the insurance and the condo fees, only half the building is occupied. Why at that price is it still listed? Best to drive back home and think.

But not before a detour to Jack London Square just as the farmer's market was breaking up. A walk around the area, not many people for a Sunday farmer's market, the sky overcast scaring people away. I'd found a parking spot easily enough near Beverages & More, dangerous that, as I picked up a bottle of sake (the full 750 ml bottle this time) and a block of sharp Cheddar cheese (with Horseradish) on the way out. Dangerous for a cloudy Sunday afternoon, don't you think? Comfort food? Comfort drink?

So what's the prognosis? Are we bubble free? Maybe yes, maybe no, mostly so. Plenty of the other aches and pains, low level aches and pains you understand, but the head is obviously looking at things in a different light. A condo over on Pill Hill? I think not. Good price, bad price, you'd better really like it is my thought. Probably a good deal, but what's the difference between it and what I've got? Really? So let's let that one go and look a little farther out. Expand our horizons. I'd still like a high ceilinged room that I could use as a studio, not for commercial purposes, but for my own projects, although I say that without enough enthusiasm. Can that be found within a reasonable distance at an affordable price? Why not rent? My horizon needs to be widened. I believe I said that. I'm not going to live forever and what's going to get done needs to get done pretty quick. Pretty quickly. Here in Oakland. There in Somewhere. Don't you think?

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 LovEvolution Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at f 2.8 at 1/1600th second, ISO 200.