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Local Oakland neighborhood Sushi restaurant.

October 31st, 2001

He'd Been Fed
Oh, hell. I had an overnight letter from my old landlord waiting when I got home tonight saying that his brother had checked out the apartment again after I'd left and the rugs were soaked with cat urine. This I was not expecting. I was expecting to see my deposit back. Cat urine. Could be. Wuss was having trouble holding his water. I talked about it here. My thought, though, was I would have smelled it had it gotten out of hand. My worry was more he'd been throwing up there fairly often for a while and maybe that had spotted the rugs.

The people I had steam clean the rugs said they'd detected a cat urine odor at the base of the balcony door while they were cleaning and sold me a cat urine treatment for an additional $25. No cat odor if it got wet. I figured, at the time, what the hell, this was probably just a shot at an add on fee whether I needed it or not, but for 25 bucks, why not?

The old apartment owner said this was the result of his brother having a rug company come by and check the place out. Something about the rugs and the pad and maybe even the cement slab being saturated, which means the rugs and the pad will have to be replaced and the slab possibly resealed and I'd end up owing him $1,700 dollars instead of getting about that amount back. Again, this could be, although I called him this evening and suggested we have a third party professional look at the rugs for an opinion. The company that says he needs new rugs has a vested interest in making a sale. He agreed. He'll be out here after Thanksgiving and we'll arrange it then.

The problem isn't the old place. If the rugs really have been trashed, then I'll come up withA vampire today, at work. the money. My worry is this new apartment. The rugs here are quite a bit lighter in color and I've noticed a spot or two that I've cleaned up with Nature's Miracle cleaner/spot remover. I am not going to knowingly trash anybody else's rugs. What do I do with Wuss? There are not many options. I need to sleep on it and I need some outside advice. My vet gave me the phone number of the University of Davis Veterinary School. They're considered the best around. What is causing my cat to pee? Maybe we can find out. This is not good.

Somewhat later. Just now, in the bedroom, I saw him pee on the pant leg of an old pair of Levis. Enough to create a stain almost four inches in diameter. He turned around to look at it when it happened - clearly he had no control - and scooted from the room. He left two more small spots on the rug near the kitchen. All of these cleaned up without a problem, but I clearly can't have him here now in this apartment, so he goes to Davis as soon as possible. Maybe there's something they can do, but if they can't he'll destroy the rugs.

What do I do? I am not going to think about this until tomorrow. I had this naive half hidden thought perhaps these new digs would help. It was only a week after we'd moved into the old place that he experienced an attack at the side of my bed and it started, the peeing and the occasional solid, generally after he'd been fed.

The first photograph was taken recently in a local Sushi restaurant, the second photograph was taken today (Halloween) at work.