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November 1st, 2001

I Think She's Right
I took the bus to work this morning at 6:45, had breakfast at one of my morning haunts in the Oakland City Center (A cold, impersonal place with cold impersonal people, but they have cold cereal, orange juice and coffee and plenty of room to read the morning paper. Two other places that I like better don't serve cold cereal. Comfort in your morning breakfast haunt is important, almost as important, but not quite as important, as your cholesterol.), got to the office before 7:30 and hassled with the database report from hell. Well, actually not. From hell. The fellow I've been working with on the project (Who has database programming etched into his genetic code. That and soccer.) is out of the office until Monday. My project can wait until Monday. No reason to stress.

Our manager, it turns out, is home tending a hangover after, one assumes, too much Halloween partying in San Francisco. This is good. This is very good. Lunch with the troops, finish up a project and take off for home around 3:00, get home, check Wuss, who has been sleeping on the bed. (Bedspread damp to wet, get it into the washer and then, as I write, into the drier - no more sleeping on the bed for Mr. Wuss.) I got the phone number for the veterinary clinic at the University of Davis today. I'll call tomorrow. I am feeling more than blue about this.

Strange set of feelings this late afternoon after work. I walked down to the Grand Lake Theater area and had a cup of coffee at my usual breakfast on the weekend cafe. Read a recent copy of one of the free weeklies. Skimmed a copy of one of the free weeklies. Felt jumpy, edgy, as if the world were a cold and drafty place. Made a point to remind myself that these feelings pass. Feeling better, right now, as I write, Wuss on my lap.

We heard a rumor that our board of directors turned down the purchase of another company in ourIn a local store window. line of business last week. What this means, whether it's true or not, whether it's just another stage in negotiations leading to an eventual purchase, we don't know. We'd been led to believe the deal was all but done and just needed an announcement. The thought is this wouldn't be bad for our IT operations, as the company we were or are purchasing doesn't have systems that are nearly as advanced as ours. We go out there and fuck up as often as not, but we do get up and go out there and eventually accumulate piles of state of the art stuff. Some of it works, some of it doesn't. We don't talk about the stuff that doesn't. We were once known as the company that never saw a new technology it didn't buy.

Just received an email from a reader who told me to pull up the carpets in this place and lay tile, the hell with the rental agreement. I think she's right.

Welcome back, by the way, Evaporation, to the land of the still on line.

The photograph of Spider was taken upstairs at the old place playing around with the Nikon F3. The second photograph was taken recently of a window display in the Oakland Grand Lake Theater area.