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Berkeley's Solano Stroll

November 2nd, 2001

In Dingle Dell
Today, I had another session with the dermatologist, another two moles removed. His feeling is these will be the last for a while. Evidently my back likes odd looking moles that don't seem to have a predilection for melanoma, so we'll take these last two and then hold off for a few months. OK. Sounds good.

Thoughts of melanoma have to compete against a background of other thoughts, imminent destruction through a host of other ways, these days. Our governor announced he'd been informed by the feds they had a "credible threat" one of the California bridges was targeted for destruction during rush hour sometime this next week. I don't commute over any of the bridges, but many do and they had something to think about this morning on their way into work, on their way back home tonight. "Hey, kids! Wadda ya know? Daddy made it. Tonight."

This got me to thinking. I could return to work for an hour or two, with the sun low on the horizon, with the weather clear, and then, again, I could take a nice walk down by the lake and go have a cup of coffee instead. I needed some money for the weekend at the Versateller near the theater and I've been using the Nikon F3 with some interest this week. Not a camera I would want to use in the middle of a crowd where I need to focus, expose and shoot quickly, the F5's are perfect for that, but a nice camera that makes you think about shutter speed and exposure, that makes to take time with each shot. I was in the mood to take time with each shot. I was in the mood to move more slowly and take a walk by the lake.

Rien seems to have had a not dissimilar day in his neck of the woods, literally,At the local camera shop. from his description, the woods. "Walk softly, and carry a camera". Yes. When you're put up against the thought that life might end, might change so radically you can't even imagine what it might become, with a stranger's look, with a touch of a button, the flick of a switch, you think, well, what is it I really want to do with my afternoon, the sun shining and plenty of film? A walk by the lake? Tomorrow, maybe, now that I have a bus pass, the thought occurs I might catch a bus, any old bus, with camera and bag, a few bucks in my pocket for lunch, and take a trip, somewhere, out there. And not go into the office until Monday, my son, if then.

So that's what I did. I'm sitting now at the computer, Wuss on my lap, no suspicious spots on the rug, a shot of Wild Turkey and water under my belt, the news playing in the background and I'm thinking, well, all is swell, here, in Dingle Dell.

The banner photograph was taken at this year's Solano Stroll in Berkeley and the photograph of the young lady was taken in Oakland at my camera shop.