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Cinco de Mayo parade.

October 30th, 2001

Up To Tomorrow
Monday. There is a program on the radio behind me, an interview with the man who choreographed The Lion King for Disney. This seems a better choice, somehow, than listening to warnings of impending attack and disaster. The season's first Ally McBeal is airing at nine, another hour, but I think I'll crawl into bed and see if I'm still awake when it starts. The complicated juggling of a modern existence, Ally McBeal, too little sleep and Armageddon.

The new cat door was leaning against the wall next to my apartment door when I got home. It looks alright. It came with a video tape rather than written instructions. They'd mentioned something in their web blurb about needing a quarter inch drill for installation and I'd thought at the time, well, I've got one in storage and I need to move my stuff out of the old storage box into the new larger storage box, so this is a good time to take care of it. I've said things like this before. It looks nice, though, like it might work, although I suspect you could go through it with a can opener. You'd be pretty exposed to the street going through my balcony door with a can opener, but you could do it if you really wanted. Rather like Armageddon. You could do it if you really wanted.

Tuesday. An odd, long, not overly eventful day. Worked on a database report Cinco de Mayo parade. that didn't, and still doesn't, work. Maybe it was the rain today, a first taste of the coming winter. Not bad, a bit dramatic, maybe even nice after all this boring sun, but I've seen enough. This is California. We don't come here for the rain. I drove into the office, since I needed the car to pick up some prescription renewals later this afternoon at my doctor's office, so the rain was no great inconvenience - run the windshield wipers, let it wash some crud off the car - but it set the tone, it set the tone. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, dear God. Dark when you leave at night. Not good, maybe, when you're running a solo existence. The three of us who managed to get it together to go out to lunch today were probably influenced by the rain to talk about airplanes and burning buildings.

Odd how everyone seems to have a clear understanding of what this implies. We're stuck for days or weeks or months waiting to see how this plays out. Is Afghanistan being handled the way it should? Can't tell until it's essentially too late. Do they really have a nuclear or a biological weapon they could detonate in a city like mine or the one on the other side of the bay? None of us questioned what they'd do if they had one. Weird state of being. How do you imagine what cannot be imagined? Anyone know what you'll be up to tomorrow?

For those who are pondering the important question on this page, specifically, did I or did I not stay awake long enough last night to watch Ally McBeal on television, I respond yes, I watched the first forty five minutes.

Two photographs from a San Francisco Cinco de Mayo parade some years back.