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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Berkeley parade

October 10th, 2000

Plenty of Film
Monday. Rain this morning, although it is breaking up, the sun poking through as I start to write this in the early evening. Supposed to rain tomorrow. They are selling pumpkins at the local supermarket and I have recently received my first mail order Christmas card catalog. It isn't cold, it never really gets cold around here, but fall has arrived and it's damned dark now when I get up in the morning. What does all this mean in the larger scheme of things? Hard to say other than I'm alive and I've still got plenty of film.

Tuesday. More rain, more work, a company provided lunch. Pretty exciting stuff. Not as exciting Berkeley parade as a local story we've had around here for the last week about an oil tanker that has sailed into the San Francisco bay full of crude oil destined for the local refinery from hell. I say refinery from hell because it is a refinery with a history of blowing up again and again, killing workers, spewing fumes and alarming the locals. They put the oil tanker captain in jail this morning when inspectors noticed there were fumes in his hold that a spark could have ignited and blown all that oil into the bay. San Francisco bay. I bring this up because the name of the ship sounded familiar. I checked our ships registry and it's not one of ours, but it is owned by a Singapore company, as we are owned by a Singapore company, and I'm wondering if it wasn't originally one of ours and the new owners kept its name after they bought it. I must ask our communications director to see if he changes expression. Oh, well. No spark, no oil on the water and the world continues to turn. I am alive and I've still got plenty of film.

The photographs were taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade last month. The quotation is by Groucho Marx.