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November 19, 2016

Kind Of Day

Saturday. Ran out of gas before ten last night and so lights out to sleep through until six-fifteen this morning to get up on a windy overcast day that made you think impending rain. As the weather people predicted.

OK, a pleasant enough walk to breakfast, not really cold, no rain, but gusts of wind that tell you it's coming. Had the country potatoes, scrambled eggs, mixed fruit, toast and coffee for breakfast. Skipped anything that's given me trouble later in the mornings, as I'm headed over to Marin for Ms. M's birthday party later at one.

Drops of rain started falling as I was walking back from breakfast, a bus arriving just ahead of me at the stop under the 580 overpass, but I let it go on thinking it wasn't really going to come down until after I got home. Beginning sprinkles, but no real rain. Arrived home before a steady rain started, visible through the balcony glass door as I sit at the computer. Someone said earlier that it wasn't supposed to last through the afternoon. Cross fingers. It looks pretty serious. Crossed fingers may not cut it.

Later. Set out giving myself forty-five minutes on what Google was saying was a thirty minute drive to Larkspur, but thinking with the rain better to give it forty-five and that turned out to be about right. FarmShop, where the party was being held, turned out to be hidden in a rabbit warren of restaurants and shops, surrounded by a large parking lot filled with cars, rain or not.

Nice restaurant,though, nice party. Ms. M's son and his wife were there, I haven't seen him in what I'm now realizing is well over twenty years. Tall, thin, a nice guy who turned out very well. Met one or two people I didn't immediately recognize from those decades past, had a good lunch, did what talking I could muster and left somewhat early.

Evening. It's been warmer this late afternoon and evening compared to how cold it was this morning when I turned on the living room heater for the first time this season. Nothing on television and nothing much I want to watch on the tablet and so to bed before nine.

They're saying rain tomorrow, but since it's Sunday we'll be driving.

And, after driving for over an hour today, the car battery will be charged and you won't have to worry about the car starting in the morning!

Sounds like we're well on the way to another my kind of day.

The photo up top was taken in the early afternoon while walking through Latham Square yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.