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Here In Oakland

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November 18, 2016

The End

Friday. Tired and so lights out before ten last night to awaken at five, but then get right back to sleep, not awakening again until six forty-five. One would imagine a good night's sleep after awakening that late and so far no indications otherwise. Cross fingers.

Anyway, setting out to walk to breakfast an hour later than usual to have the plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries for breakfast, along with the fruit cup and coffee, figuring we'll not eat anything known to bring on an ocular exercise later. See how we do. No pain meds, the sinus-upper palate OK, the sun shining out there now and it's Friday, a day for regular folks to venture outside and do things. He said.

Ms. M's birthday luncheon tomorrow. I haven't a clue what to bring or what to wear. A present would be nice, but what? I guess we'll know what we should have known tomorrow. Ms. M and I have been close friends since forever, be interesting to again see other mutual friends at the party I haven't seen now in well over a decade.

Later. The usual where to go routine finally ending in just heading out the door when the NextBus app said a bus was due at my stop in another two minutes. Takes me three minutes to get to the stop, but didn't bother to hurry and the bus, having indeed arrived ahead of me, still waited and let me on board. So good. The omens are good.

Took the bus to the 10th Street stop on Broadway this time to walk through the Friday farmers market taking but one lone picture and then realizing the auto-focus may not have worked. The lens is an older lens that's given me trouble in the past. Futzed with the lens.

On to the City Center to duck in and buy a box of Good & Plenty and then to the bagel shop where I had a tuna fish sandwich on a bagel and coffee. Bright sun, but cool enough to be wearing a light jacket. So far, so good. I'd taken a dose of the pain meds before leaving, just in case. But had I needed them? Probably not. No way to tell.

A walk up Broadway to the 20th Street stop, lucking out again as the return bus had arrived at the stop before I was able to cross the street. Again, enough people in line waiting or talking with the driver to allow me to get on board before it left.

Home now, still bright sun, we'll check the few pictures we took and see if those first two were indeed out of focus. May have to do something about that. Yes, an older lens, but one I often use when I'm out screwing around carrying one camera.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now straight through since I'd missed most of it this morning, and stayed to watch New Tricks half an hour later at seven. I'd seen the New Tricks episode before, but had no idea right up until the end who'd done what to whom. Memory again. Maybe this isn't so unusual, as the memory glitches don't seem to come up other than in remembering the outcomes of these shows.

Same thing with the movies you watch on the tablet.

It's happened recently while watching two of them, realizing I'd seen them before, but didn't have a clue how they ended until the end.

The photo up top was taken at the high school student anti-Trump demonstration Monday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.