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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 14, 2016

A Clue

Monday. Lights out again by ten to sleep straight through and awaken at five minutes to six. A first for not awakening, even briefly, during the night. Be nice to do that again.

Anyway, a foggy morning walking to and from breakfast. A Monday and so only two papers this morning, the East Bay Times not delivered on Mondays. The plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas with the usual (provided gratis by the restaurant for being a good customer) mixed fruit bowl and coffee for breakfast. So far, so good.

The annual physical tomorrow, need to write down a list of symptoms and such that seem relevant in preparation. Otherwise the rest of the week is clear. Maybe come up with something to get me outside to somewhere a little different. Nothing too ambitious, just, you know, different.

Later. A good day. A day, if they were common, more common, that would require me dump all my bitching about fuzzy headed this and fuzzy headed that and find another set of tragedies to focus my attention on. Please?

So when I heard on the news that a large group of high school students were marching toward the Oakland City Hall, I immediately gathered up two cameras and the backpack to head for the bus until I heard voices and shouts in the distance and discovered a long line of youngsters marching along Grand to the white column pergola by the lake accompanied by police cars managing traffic.

An offshoot of the students they'd reported heading downtown? The bus wasn't due to arrive for another fifteen minutes and so over to the pergola to take a series of pictures, stopping only when the students announced a thirty minute lunch break. OK. Another bus was due, they'd broken up, so on to the bus and City Hall.

To find no one there. They'd obviously diverted the students from the City Hall to the lake, perhaps to avoid blocking downtown traffic. I realized this when there was no hold up on Broadway delaying the bus. So naturally I went to the City Center and had a chicken Caesar salad and coffee at the bagel shop (how long since I've done that?), finished it happily and took another bus back to my stop.

No students at the pergola, although we'd passed a couple leaving along Grand carrying signs as the bus neared the stop. Still feel just fine, thank you, the only drag the sinus-upper palate and even it has been pretty much quiescent. No complaints. Pictures enough.

Later still. Processed today's and the last of yesterday's photographs. Avoided them this morning, but happily got right into them once I'd returned, the head and the attitude good. Nice.

Evening. Finished a single section of Sunday's pictures for HereInOakland, but will put it together for artandlife before posting the both of them tomorrow. So good. The pictures are uneven, but life is short, we'll worry about good or bad after we're gone.

Listened to Democracy Now and then Charlie Rose at eight as I was working on the photographs and then stayed to listen to Tavis Smiley talk with Bernie Sanders before heading to bed. We'll do the best we can to duplicate last night's sleep this night.

And how do we do that?

I have not a clue.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Join Hands Around Lake Merritt gathering with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.