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Here In Oakland

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November 13, 2016

It's Gone

Sunday. Lights out by ten last night, but awakening this morning at twenty minutes after six, so I seem to have gotten a decent night's sleep. Up to drive to breakfast and read the papers, all of them analyzing the election in great detail. I skipped the great detail.

Later. A walk to the burger drive-in after a nap and a bath to pick up the usual grilled chicken sandwich, taking it home and eating it at about one in the afternoon. There's a “Join Hands Around Lake Merritt” gathering scheduled later at three and I could see a small group of people inflating a large hot dog shaped balloon on the lawn by the lake as I was passing. Couldn't quite make out what was written on it. Wrong lens on the camera to get an interesting picture. Should have shot an uninteresting one just to document it was there.

As three and the gathering at the lake approached I started thinking about which cameras to take and found myself fighting the idea of going at all. Again, tired, thinking the usual two cameras might well be more than I wanted to handle, thinking I was not in the greatest shape to be out there shooting.

Finally settled on the D500 with a 200mm equivalent lens, probably the best choice as I eventually decided to return and trade it for the D5 with the 24-70mm and ended up taking less interesting pictures. Why was I feeling so funky? Why was I fighting the idea of attending what for me, living so close by, such as easy event to photograph?

Anyway, this has been the afternoon. How often will this happen in the future, this better to crawl into bed than set out to do something I rather like? Haven't been involved in anything strenuous that would lead to this, tiring myself out. Drove rather than walked to work this morning. After all. Not that my morning walk is at all strenuous.

Evening. Watched two old episodes of Elementary starting at five and that was it for television. Didn't feel like watching the hour long Trump interview on 60 minutes. So much for any lesson learned by clasping hands around the lake. Maybe something on the tablet. Maybe not. Feel better, but still wondering about the slow day and how it's gone.

The photo up top was taken today at the Join Hands Around Lake Merritt gathering with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.