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November 12, 2016

The Screw

Saturday. Not a bad night's sleep, lights out by ten, although awakening at five-thirty as I did yesterday morning. Needed an hour's nap after editing and then posting yesterday's entry, though, just as I'd needed a nap yesterday. Good? Bad? Hard to say. Maybe not worth the thought.

Still, an easy enough walk to breakfast opting for the Eggs Benedict. Wanted to avoid the Crab Cake Benedict as I've blamed it in the past for bringing on ocular migraines. At least I've blamed them more than once, whether true or not I'm not sure is clear. So I was probably rationalizing the straight Eggs Benedict would be OK and so went with them without apprehension. Nows the time we find out.

OK, a comfortable walk home, albeit feeling a little tired. Arrived, did the journal, posted and went to bed and to sleep for that hour. No ocular anythings in evidence.

Awoke and, still lying on the bed, heard the doorbell buzz. Got up, discovered it was Amazon delivering today's package (more photo album pages), buzzed the person in and headed down the stairs to the lobby front door, the elevator in use by someone else. Oh, and the phone ringing as I was heading out.

Turned out the Amazon delivery woman had been on the elevator to deliver the package to my apartment as I was heading down the stairs to the lobby only to find no one and no package, another tenant sitting in her car on the street right out front saying the delivery woman had entered the building and she was was now stuck there with the delivery vehicle blocking her access to the garage.

My, my. Turns out Amazon has been getting too many reports of packages being stolen in our neighborhood and that's why she was delivering to my apartment instead of just leaving the package in the lobby. That phone call, looking it up on the web later, had been from Amazon. The site said they now have an app that lets their delivery person dial the recipient and the woman making my delivery had evidently dialed my number in addition to buzzing my apartment.

Seems confusing.

It was. And, seeing this evolution with Amazon and how they now deliver packages, I'm thinking the times have become just that much more confusing. A few more years of this is going to leave me helpless and clueless.

Or something like that.

Or something like that.

Later. Some thought to take the bus downtown to get something to eat, but decided finally to walk to the Grand Lake theater and watch Arrival. The critics have been saying it's good, really good, and saying it in a way that piqued my interest. Besides, when's the last time I've been to the theater to see a movie? Can't remember.

Won't say more. Thought it both confusing until the end, but well worth seeing. A movie you discuss scratching you head when leaving the theater, even when it's just you alone leaving the theater. What exactly had happened?

Evening. Watched the first half of the Washington - USC game on television, Washington down seventeen to six. I'm a Washington graduate, but haven't been following the team or the season, other than reading they seem to be doing well. Tonight, by the end of the game, they'd been hammered.

To bed to watch another episode of Banshee on the tablet, a series in which none of the characters turn out to be particularly sympathetic or, well, sane. Seems to be a common situation in other series, as well. What is it they say about getting old and cranky, upset over changes in changing societal mores? Making increasingly more “These kids today!!!” outbursts?

Are they saying that about you?

I'm not sure I'm not saying it about me. A full turn of the screw.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Broadway in downtown Oakland with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.