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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 24, 2015

By Ten

Tuesday. To bed before ten, lights out at ten to then awaken a couple of times during the night, but briefly, nothing unusual in that. Awake and up at six to drive to breakfast, figuring I'd go by the supermarket afterward to buy laundry soap and Diet Coke. We'd finally finished those three two liter bottles we'd bought - what? - a month ago? I don't drink very much of it on any given day, don't mind that the fizz is less fizzy with a big bottle over time, but I do seem to like drinking the stuff.

And so breakfast, the waffle with the fruit, but with syrup and butter this time (it's a holiday week, we're allowed), the drive then to the supermarket (they had a two for one sale on the Diet Coke if you were to buy two, so four large two liter bottles in the basket for four bucks, we're set for the rest of the year) and now home, the laundry underway. Oh, and overcast when I set out, no rain last night, but it's just now started at nine. Good timing, the rain. Happens sometimes.

Since it's raining and I'm not due to take pictures until tomorrow at the two construction sites, we'll catch up on Latham Square today and finish that third task I mentioned yesterday on the “to do” list. Rainy day stuff to keep us busy, here in Oakland.

Later. Laundry done, folded and hung, the bed made and what looks like a sunny sky now as we enter the afternoon.

I received the package of Protime blood thinner test strips they'd sent Friday and ran a test. It failed. OK. Think about it. Call the Protime test hot line: am I making a mistake in my test procedure? Have these memory glitches crept into new territory?

Turned out it had. I'd somehow forgotten you have to wait while the device “heats up” before it gives a green light glow to start dribbling the blood onto the strip, something I've been doing now weekly for over a year without a glitch. Yet I'd totally forgotten I needed to do it. The three strips I trashed last Friday? Had they failed for the same reason? I suspect they did.

Anyway, the test is done, the outcome good, we're up and running again with the blood thinner tests, but I'm wondering about that memory glitch. Why did I not stop and think last week? So far these things have been interesting little sign posts as the years accumulate, no real damage done. No damage here, but new territory I'd think.

Ah, right: sun. I need to go by an ATM. Do it now, lest I forget.

Later still. A brisk walk to and from the Lakeshore ATM, so we've made up for skipping out on walking to breakfast this morning. Thought about getting something to eat on the way, but I wasn't hungry and couldn't talk myself into stopping for anything. Even ice cream. Didn't so much as blink as I walked right on by the shop.

Put together the Latham section through the rest of the afternoon, started by opening a file just to see if I was interested and it sucked me right in.

Evening. Tuesdays are pretty bleak for television. Watched the beginning of Charlie Rose at eight to see what his interviewee had to say about the Syria situation. So many “situations” these days. I can't point out half of them on a map. To bed then to find little that I wanted to watch on the tablet and so lights out before ten.

The photo up top was taken Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.