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Here In Oakland

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November 25, 2015

I Suspect

Wednesday. Lights out again by ten, but awakening quite a few times to get up and take a leak. Too many liquids last night? Last afternoon? Who knows? Awake then at five-thirty to dawdle along in bed before getting up at six to get ready to head out for breakfast. It's clear outside, although it rained last night, not much, but the streets are wet and it's a bit cold. Excuse enough to drive.

Another waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries along with the mixed fruit bowl and coffee for breakfast. We skipped the butter and syrup, yesterday's indulgence was enough celebration for a week.

You don't really care one way or another. You only skip the butter and syrup because it's a hold over from the time you were working on losing weight and now it's a habit.

True. Still, if it doesn't appeal enough to change, then why change. One fifty-five exactly this morning on the scale. It's holding on its own, one fifty-five, sometimes less and I'm not really working at it. Just let it be.

So maybe stop bringing it up so often.

Now, now.

Later. Sunny morning and now afternoon, feels cold, they're saying cold weather (for this area) through to the weekend. A very brief walk just to get outside, no desire to head downtown or take pictures over at the apartment house construction site and so a bun and coffee at a local café more to stay out a little longer than any thoughts of wanting to eat.

Sounds depressing.

More just dead in the water. The old “don't feel like going anywhere” blues at the edge of a coming four day weekend.

Later still. An hour and a half nap in the late afternoon. Went right to sleep, awoke, got up taking a good half hour for the world to come together, the engine to fully start. Hmm. Unexpected, didn't think I'd lost all that much sleep last night. Nothing else other than tired to blame it on.

Evening. To bed early, nothing on the tablet, nothing to listen to on the radio, lights out early. I suspect.

The photo up top was taken Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.