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November 23, 2015

Ah, Well

Monday. Lights out by ten, not sure when my lights went out, but awakening at close to six to get up and head out the door to drive to breakfast on an overcast morning. They're saying rain after midnight, with rain through the day tomorrow. Not a lot, but any rain is appreciated around here. It is. I read about it in the papers.

Time to take care of three of those entries on the “to do” list, by the way. No more foot dragging.

Later. A pretty good morning and so no problem setting out at ten-thirty on the bus downtown to Latham Square to take pictures, the sky grey, a bit cool and so a light jacket over a heavy sweater. Could have worn a heavier coat without complaining.

A bus back to the apartment house construction site to find they'd finished their fence and so no real access to take pictures of what they'll be doing in the courtyard from now on. Which I was expecting. They'd also finished the sidewalk along Bellevue. Exciting stuff, for a Monday, he said.

He didn't say that.

True. We exaggerate.

Oh, and one of those two items on the “to do” taken care of: the appointment for the colonoscopy. The call has been made, they'll tell me when to come in.

Later still. Another section of apartment house photographs posted to the web sites, which brings them current again. Another section of Latham Square photographs to the web sites, but I'm still behind with Latham. We'll do more tomorrow. Now to start processing today's photographs. After those web sections I think I'll put that off for the while. It's three in the afternoon, we're allowed.

Evening. Ran through most of the photographs taken earlier. Good. I seem to burn out and then recharge in a short period of time. A good sign blowing the “disinterest” off so quickly.

Nothing on television I'm able to get my head around. No surprises there, my tastes have gone to pot changed and many a plot treatment I might have followed earlier no longer rings my bell. No knowledge about other people's experiences with this, if they're experiencing it too, but it would be interesting to know. Ah, well.

The photo up top was taken Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.