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November 22, 2014

Something Radical

Saturday. Although to bed after ten, I still awakened a half hour before the alarm to get up without effort on a rainy morning. Real rain this time, the kind that gets you wet in just the (fast) walk from the car into the restaurant. A swing by the ATM on Lakeshore on the way over, but otherwise a good breakfast to arrive back at the apartment by eight. Life in the rain fast lane.

Turned on the living room heater just to celebrate a dark, not all that cold and rainy, morning; no real need for heat, perfectly comfortable in a sweater. Nothing on the plate. I'm burned out watching whatever on the tablet, reminds me of the attitude I had in my twenties, thirties and forties when I didn't own a television set. I did rent one during those summers when Ms. C was staying with us in San Francisco. One does not for one second allow one's foibles to drive away a special lady. I was dumb, but not crazy.


More and more our companion anymore, is it not?

Later. A bath and then a nap, maybe forty minutes of zoning out followed by twenty minutes of real sleep, getting up feeling refreshed. Somewhat refreshed. Better.

The sun, however, was poking through the clouds and it looked like the storm front had passed or, if not passed, then getting ragged. Did that mean there would be more rain before it cleared? Who knew, but out the door in a sweater and light jacket to walk over and by the lake without stopping, on to the farmers market where I bought a waffle square with whipped cream on top. Hmm. Got it down when nothing else appealed, but there's a certain heaviness left in the stomach I realize I'd like to do without.

On then to the ice cream shop to add another pillar in the food pyramid: two scoops in a cup. No toppings. The whipped cream over the powder sugared waffle had been enough. The sun still out, getting a little warm in the high humidity, so a stop by the lake to sit and take a couple of photographs.

Back home feeling like a warm dishrag and so to bed for another thirty minutes before futzing with this. Maybe another dose of the pain meds (the sinuses are acting up). Maybe, maybe. It's one in the afternoon, we'll let the day go and come back after dark.

Evening. A slow afternoon. The sinus-upper palate continued its business and so I finally took another pain med and the unpleasantness subsided. I guess the damned things work. Never sure. Sometimes it just as easily have gone away by itself. Evidently not today, not without help.

Spent most of the time finishing photographs and web pages for two more sections of the apartment house construction site project bringing them more current. Don't like many of them as photographs, not sure they even document the day to day progress particularly well. Some of it could be how I'm manipulating the rainy-overcast images in PhotoShop, maybe take a fresh look at them later. Still, more of them up on artandlife and HereInOakland.

Nothing on television, the public stations are running old rock and roll shows raising money again, and I've watched enough news to challenge my sanity. So to bed.

And you said earlier you're tired of the tablet.

I'm thinking something radical like sleep.

The photo up top was taken by the construction site along Grand yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.