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November 21, 2014

After Ten

Friday. And so I watched both Midsomer Murders and Elementary last night. I'd seen the Midsomer Murders episode (part one and part two) before, probably more than once, and still had no idea who'd done it, although I knew by the time the end arrived, if only because anyone watching it for the first time would have figured it out too. Elementary had a thoroughly bizarre plot, but it didn't seem to matter. Even the somewhat different ending. Must have made some sense to me at some level, so I guess I remain hooked.

Still, this meant to bed just after eleven. My thoughts though, as the time dragged along, were I wasn't able to get to sleep and, if it turns out I was sleeping, it was a very light sleep from which I surfaced often to glance at the clock. I awakened at five-thirty and then awakened again with the alarm at six. No problem getting up and heading out to breakfast, had a good breakfast, came back to find someone was already running two loads of wash. Which I'd expected after avoiding doing it yesterday.

Still, my first two loads are now running, whomever it is ahead of me has another load to put in the drier after his or her first loads finish. No problem. I've got my place in line, I can wait my turn, all will be done by noon and then I can head downtown to pick up the last remaining prescriptions and such at Rite Aid and then we're prepared for next week's trip. We are. I think.

Oh. And will last night's lack of sleep come back to bite me today? I'm sure it will.

Later. Walked over to the construction site to take what amounted to maybe half a dozen pictures while the last loads were in the drier. Not much going on, not many people about, I'm thinking they may be holding off a bit until the Thanksgiving holiday is over. Still, one or two pictures. Been doing this too long now to stop.

The laundry was done, folded and hung (the bed made) by noon and so off downtown on the bus after a brief lie down for a nap that didn't result in sleep. Picked up two supplements at the pharmacy, but the pain meds weren't due for a refill until the 28th when I'll be up in Portland.

I wondered if that wasn't the case, they've recently made it a lot more difficult to get the damned things. Thirty day supply only, refill every month, no more ninety day prescriptions. I've only been taking them now for ten years. Still, enough to get me through, I was just looking for some insurance.

Back on the return bus. I thought of having lunch, but it was looking like it could rain and I didn't want to get stuck waiting for the half an hour. Ah, well. Off the bus at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar and then back to the apartment. To bed for a good hour. Catching up.

Evening. A New Tricks I'd seen before at seven, tried getting into a Daziel and Pascoe without any luck (interesting, but for some reason not enough) and so to bed before nine to watch something on the tablet. I say “something” since I'm writing this the next morning and can't quite remember..., oh, now I remember. Doesn't matter, lights out after ten. Not good, light out after ten.

The photo up top was taken by the lake this last week with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.