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November 20, 2014

From Breakfast

Thursday. A pretty good night's sleep, I think. Up once briefly about an hour and a half before the alarm, but that was it. Off to breakfast and back on another looks like rain at any minute morning, and the weather people are saying a fifty to sixty percent chance of rain through the weekend.

Back to contemplate doing the laundry. I'm realizing I'm setting out for Portland late Monday and there aren't all that many days left to do it. Typically not on the weekend as tenants who work need the time to do their own laundry and the Thanksgiving holidays are fast approaching. My, my. And I do have that prescription to pick up today. Or tomorrow. Where'd all this stuff come from?

Later. Nothing in the wash. An urge evidently not to be denied to go downtown and pick up that prescription so a bus, the prescription and then a walk over to the City Center to have coffee out in front of the bagel shop bundled up in sweater, scarf and winter jacket. A young woman passing by with a smartphone camera on an extension pole taking pictures, so it got me out of my somnambulance to take her picture, the center overcast in a very light rain.

No desire to walk home in the rain, so up to catch the next bus back to the apartment, enough rain now to get yourself quite wet if you were to walk in it for a while, back now at the apartment debating laundry or a bath or both. We'll do the bath, but the laundry? How much will I regret this decision tomorrow when there's a line of people who've made the same decision as I?

Again, overcast, some intermittent light rain, nothing much going on over at the construction site or I would have stopped and taken pictures. Feel good, but nothing on the plate, no desire to do this or to do that, listening to the news. Upbeat, the world news, don't you think?

Later still. Not sure what this day has been like. Raining outside, dark, no desire to watch anything on the tablet/tube (I guess we can no longer call it a tube), but the day has slipped by. Started preparing one or two things for the trip to Portland next week. Nothing too strenuous, you understand, I spent more energy avoiding the laundry.

Evening. I've been running the apartment heater for the first time. It's cold out there, but now it's less so in here. The seasons change.

There's an Elementary episode this evening at ten, an hour long program that will get me to bed after eleven, something I've bitched about at length here in the past. We won't kid ourself, though, with the idea we'll skip this evening and watch it tomorrow over the web. Put that little routine to rest.

There's a Midsomer Murders two part episode that starts at eight, something to fill in the time before ten, but I'm finding it harder and harder to watch the things. They're all pretty much the same: same setting, same improbably plot, same..., well, you get the drift. We'll know soon enough.

You'd better damned well do that laundry tomorrow.

It will turn out there are six other people in the building who've put it off until tomorrow morning and one or two of them will start their's well before I get home from breakfast.

The photo up top was taken by the lake last weekend with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.