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November 7, 2012

Interesting On After
Wednesday. To bed not all that late after following the election long enough to learn Obama had won. Better Obama than the alternative by a long shot, but we're still in a pickle and most of the fighting is yet to be done. Thanks for Elisabeth Warren and the other Senate gains, but again, the forces are still marshaled along the same lines and I'm not sure you can trust this President. But that's politics, let's let it rest for a while. A couple of days. Take up bitching about other stuff, any old other stuff, get Jo Jo back to where he once belonged.

Up at seven, after having turned off the alarm and going back to sleep for another hour, off to breakfast and back on an overcast morning, quite cool, looks like it will take a while to break if it does indeed break at all. Still, home by nine to go over yesterday's entry and then lie down. The sinuses and upper palate/teeth are aching more than usual and I guess I'm still tired. Maybe a second nap is in the cards, no reason to go running out the door just to keep up the routine.

Later. A needed visit to the ATM made the decision to take the downtown bus and head for Broadway easy, another bus instead of walking to the City Center, the sky overcast and a bit cold, turning over what I might do for lunch, looking at my watch, a return bus due in two minutes, an on the fly decision to return to the morning restaurant. So many decisions in so short a time. So much for looking for adventure on a Wednesday morning.

Lunch out on the café patio, - an egg salad sandwich, ice cream and coffee - a walk then back to the apartment to arriving just after two. Doodle-dee-do. We'll take a look at the guitar and listen to the various news recaps of yesterday's political lesson, see what's happening to the European financial problems and maybe take another nap, although I haven't been feeling at all tired. Actually feeling pretty good, if unambitious. Maybe not so bad, not feeling ambitious. Useful for a man who often doesn't get everything done. On time. Or at all.

Later still. There's been a seventy-two cent drop in the price of regular gas in less than a month. That's a drop of roughly nine dollars for someone like me in refilling the tank, a fifteen gallon tank that usually gets refilled when it's down to two or three gallons with the little gas icon going crazy on the dashboard.

No idea why seventy-two cents. Supply-demand would be a big part of it, you'd think. I did study that sort of thing in school, but you don't see any discussion of the detail when people talk about it in the papers. Just mentioning the fact. Keeps my blood pressure up, color in the cheeks, a good source of gibberish for the journal.

Evening. A bit of an ocular migraine, I'm afraid. Interesting coming up out of it, though, gave me some insights I haven't quite had before. An odd shuffle between one and another and other ways to look at the world or worlds and, in saying that, I realize it doesn't make any sense. But then that's the experience: disconcerting in ways that aren't easily explained.

Up now. Part of the experience evidently involves a lot of sweating, at least my t-shirt or long sleeved shirt (if I'm just lying down on top of the spread) is soaked when I wake up. Hmm. It's six now, need to get on the guitar (I said that yesterday once or twice while watching the election returns, but realized an election was pretty much a guitar holiday if there's ever a guitar holiday) for a little catch up.

The Italian police procedural at six isn't one I'm willing to watch anymore so it was off to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream cone and Jack Daniels. We'll see how the Jack Daniels affects our current string of ocular migraines tomorrow. I spent some time, for whatever reason (some of which was to avoid playing more guitar), working on one or two photographs from the Oakland Museum Day of the Dead Exhibit I'd skipped over when I put the web site selections together (including one I wanted to adjust better than I had the first time around). Might find a way to add them to the web sites later.

We're sitting here now an hour or so later having played the guitar for that hour or so later and looking now to get to bed after listening to Tavis Smiley interview Larry King at nine. Unless there's something interesting on after. Best there's not something interesting on after.

The photo up top was taken of Splash Pad Park earlier this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.