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November 8, 2012

More Than Time
Thursday. To bed before ten, to sleep, up with the alarm at five-forty five feeling pretty good, as I often feel pretty good after an evening where I've had some Jack Daniels (sipped straight over a period of a couple of hours). Now is that true? Seems to be, although I'll make it a point to jump on it the first time it happens that I awaken in the midst of morning monsters. I will.

Anyway, off to breakfast and back, noting the one lone looks to be in the process of blooming pandorea flower and the three or four seed pods I've been photographing in the mornings. Exciting way to start a day, I'd say, particularly as the drama builds as we head for winter and it's getting colder. “Tropical to semi-tropical” is says, not happy with low temperatures. Are winter temperatures in Oakland too cold? Is our pandorea at risk? Stay tuned.

Home now on this sunny morning with the laundry underway, the last two loads in the wash, the first two loads in the drier, the energy expended in getting them this far close to zero.

Yet you fight the effort.

Not all that hard. I usually do them about once a month on a Tuesday, so I've delayed a couple of days, but getting them downstairs and in the wash wasn't all that difficult. Not that I haven't successfully fought it in the past, although I've never gone to the point I've not had clean clothes in a drawer. We are at least minimally civilized around here, even for a hermit bachelor.

Later. Some nasty looking clouds coming in over the last few hours, so the wind was a little brisk heading downtown on the bus to have a crêpe in the City Center and then catch a bus right back to the morning café for ice cream and coffee. A bus then home to arrive before one, our day's walking done, our afternoon to include more than a little guitar. We harp on the guitar. We need to stop harping and start playing, I'd say, if it weren't so obvious.

Later still. An hour's nap. No detours into the Twilight Zone - twilight, yes, but capital “Z” Zone, no - so good, we're relatively whole. It's overcast out there, but still no rain; the laundry is done, the shirts hung, the socks folded and put to rest. I've had a thought or two about moving pictures on the bedroom wall, but that will come to naught. A relatively normal afternoon, in other words, listening to the news and so far tuning, but otherwise avoiding my guitar.

I've mentioned on and off over the years months I should start working on the bedroom, putting up more framed prints (the prints are all framed and sitting along the base of one of the walls) and moving the bed to a new location to avoid falling metal book cases in the coming earthquake.

And I'm mentioning it again today, although I'm mentioning it after having moved the desk and the bed, vacuuming the rug (getting down on hands and knees to scrub out difficult spots) and junking more old technical books and not so current magazines. My, my. Just like that.

We'll mention it again when we're finished and we do have to finish or we won't have a place to sleep. Well, the bed will be there, so we “won't have a place to sleep without some embarrassment” as in sleeping on a bed that's sitting at an odd angle on its own in the middle of the bedroom. I may be ruining my feng shui or (who knows?) improving my feng shui, but I also assume I'm improving my chances of survival. And cleaning up a lot of dust. And putting things away. And (maybe) hanging some framed prints that sit along the base of one oft mentioned wall.


More progress.

Evening. I believe the phrase is “rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic” and that may be what I've just done, but it looks good, looks more functional, looks cleaner (it is cleaner) and, although I have a way to go, most of it is done. Hup! And good!

Nothing on at six, so I've continued with the bedroom, but now it's time for the guitar. Is is. More than time. Overdue.

The photo up top was taken of the statue at the juncture of Broadway and Telegraph with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.