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November 6, 2012

Now, I'm Done
Tuesday. To bed just after nine, although it took some time to get to sleep and I must have awakened four or five times briefly to get up to take a leak and then lie down again on the other side of the body and go back to sleep. Up at seven after turning off the alarm set for five-forty five and crashing again for another hour.

Up and out the door to drive to breakfast and back on a bright sunny morning that looks as if it will become warm later with a fair amount of humidity. You really notice the humidity when it get hot, something it rarely does around here, but for some reason I think I'm starting to feel it in the apartment as it approaches ten.

The day of the election. We'll be listening and watching as the day and then the evening roll along. Interesting times for good or ill.

Later. A walk down to the morning restaurant along the lake around noon for a tuna fish sandwich, ice cream and coffee out on their patio in what is now high seventies t-shirt weather. Maybe even a little warmer than t-shirt weather (eighty degrees, over fifty percent humidity), but a nice walk for all that. Passed by this guy standing out waving his sign both going to and coming back. I did vote for the thing, have not idea if that was a good move or not, but it seemed right. You never really know in any real sense.

Went through the Roku box over the Internet to open the Al Jazeera election coverage, as Glenn Greenwald is scheduled to be on the panel of commentators today at one, but although it came up, it then flickered out and began reloading. And reloading. And reloading. We'll check later. Maybe have to make do with following along on one of the miserable national almost, but not quite, news stations.

Now, now. Did you try going in directly on the Internet and playing it through the computer?

Oh, right. My goodness, there it is, up and running, Greenwald coming into focus holding forth with two others. Refreshing. Odd that it would seem to take a foreign news outlet, owned by an authoritarian Gulf State government, to lay it out so well and often better than any of our own networks here in America.

Truth from Qatar? Objectivity out of an oil Sheik's budget?

As noted: interesting times.

One thing that's a little weird. I did open a Twitter account for the first time and I've sent one or two meaningless tweets. Just to see how it works, what it's like (you understand), no thought to take it much further. It's now sitting beside the computer screen displayed on the iPad (which really isn't very convenient), the computer screen displaying Al Jazeera, the television in the living room tuned to PBS and the laptop is not yet connected. What is it they say about being connected, all wrapped up, wired and ready? Dazed and confused?

Later still. Now approaching six. Nate Silver, the Times pollster who's been projecting Obama (with a very good track record) is saying nine to one Obama, projecting 313 electoral votes to 225. The right wing pundits (I'm told, I don't read any of the right wing pundits) have been hammering him now for being biased for some time. Be interesting to see if his calculations prove accurate.

Elisabeth Warren is taking Scott Brown. I donated to Warren's campaign for her standing up to Wall Street and I'm really happy to see her win, diddle-dee-din. Good for Massachusetts. Good for us all. I hope. Maybe.

Evening. Left Al Jazeera, PBS is on the TV (without audio), listening to Democracy Now on the computer. My, my.

Eight o'clock. An interesting election. Much more, I'm afraid, to be done once it's done. For now, I'm done.

The photo up top was taken of the Grand Lake theater marquee, this noon hour, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.