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November 21, 2011

Like Real Folks

Monday. To bed last night later than I like after watching that horrible Korean historical soap, justifying it by continuing to practice guitar (I made good progress yesterday), awake this morning before the alarm went off feeling fine, out and back from breakfast in the usual routine. Which is good. It seems to be happening more often. I keep saying that, never quite sure I'm not substituting hope for reality, but it is. Getting better.

I'm seeing myself slowly, ever so slowly, begin to catch up on the things I've allowed to, let's say, slide. Some of them for a very long time. Not so much bills and such, although some of the doctors' bills have been allowed to slip past deadline - nothing too off the chart you understand - but packages that need sending don't get wrapped and promises made but not delivered have become more common. (Why do I promise and then not deliver? Why one and not another? They aren't difficult tasks. Yet I do, I do.)

So, while we're waiting on the delivery people to arrive (that camera again), we'll continue with one or two of these delayed “tasks”, examining the “me” in this editorial “we” of ours, see if we're being honest. One likes to be honest. Mostly. At least with one's self.

Later. UPS came early which I appreciated as the weather is fine. Yes the new camera arrived and, while the battery was charging, I set it up. It's small. It is small, but then I'm used to carrying around the large Nikons which many people say they find too bulky and heavy. I guess they're bulky, I guess they're heavy, but size and weight haven't been a factor for me since I can remember, digital or film. Unless we start talking about some of the big lenses. I'm less sanguine with big lenses. I miss the old F3 film Nikons for their size and weight - bigger isn't better - but then who doesn't? I don't miss the lower resolutions, though, the slower speeds and similar hassles.

I'll work more with this new V camera before I say more. I discovered Adobe doesn't have a RAW file reader for it yet, so I can't open RAW files in PhotoShop or Lightroom, and I'll have to take pictures as jpegs until the updates are released. Having the rear display light up whenever I turn on the camera, only to have it blink out when I put the viewfinder to the eye, has been disconcerting, but I suspect there's a way to turn it off. It's meant to be used for both video and stills, so I guess people find the image displayed on a screen is useful, but again we'll see. Soon enough. It takes time for an old horse to learn new tricks. Says so in books.

A bus downtown after noon to do a quick run around the Occupy area, see if my man was still up in his tree, getting off the bus early to walk by the vacant lot where they'd set up a new camp after Saturday's march, the police tearing it down early Sunday morning without fuss. Too bad about the murals on the fences that are now gone but such, as the man said, is life.

A quick walk around the Occupy perimeter in front of City Hall. Lots of security people strolling around in groups, another much younger fellow up in the tree who said he was relieving Mr. RunningWolf for a while. One hopes, just from the very thought of staying up in a tree for a week, that he's somewhere nice, taking a long hot bath before sitting down to a decent dinner. But that's just me, the guy who'd maybe last a day before crapping out.

Lunch at the crepe place in the City Center, no need to hang around after taking maybe half a dozen uninspired photographs of the plaza, their crepes a decent meal even for someone with my tattered appetite. A walk then back home. Probably should have waited the half hour for another bus as the back muscles are now somewhat sore, but otherwise the day has gone well. We'll look at that new camera again and then look ourself in the mirror and ask: “should we have hefted one in our hands before we made this purchase? Should we? Mr. Clever who thinks he knows what he's talking about? We'll know pretty soon (and tell).

Evening. Some time on the guitar, some time reading the more detailed manual for the camera included on a CD, a picture or two to see how one or two of my setting changes worked out. I'll take more and post them tomorrow. And I'll post a picture of the damned thing next to one of the big Nikons to give a sense of size.

I think we need a good night's sleep tonight. Whatever aches and pains from the outing left on their own soon enough, but I am tired, need sleep tired, and that's probably good. Normal. Just like real folks.

The photograph was taken at Lake Merritt, November 20, 2011 with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 18-200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR G lens.