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November 22, 2011

Ways To Prepare

Tuesday. I made the mistake today of reading an earlier entry of mine done some years back that had popped up on the hit counter, someone having done a search that led them to that particular page. It read much better than the stuff I'm writing now. Hmm. So some time spent this morning on yesterday's entry. It isn't up to snuff, but it's better than it was and that will have to be enough.

Otherwise up this morning at seven instead of quarter to six, off and back from breakfast at nine. I'd taken a run to the supermarket last night to buy necessary items that included sake. I skipped out on the sharp cheddar - no chocolate either - but figured a little sake wouldn't tempt an ocular migraine to creep in out of the dark. Standard mid to late evening rationalizing. Just roll the dice. Still, two of the small bottles were more than enough, to bed then at a decent hour and so far all is well as I'm writing now in the middle of the afternoon.

A bus downtown at nine-thirty this morning to get to my monthly haircut in the City Center, taking one or two photographs of the fellow in the tree from across the street, figuring I'd come back later and get in closer to do it right. (Mid-morning rationalizing.) The haircut ended just as a bus was due so a quick walk and a ride back to the apartment to futz with the new camera (yes, you can turn off the back display; yes it has an aperture mode; yes it can do this and yes it can do that) before a walk over to the morning café for lunch. Well, for an apple turnover and coffee. What we call lunch.

Took the bus from the restaurant to the downtown (I'd miscalculated the cost of my haircut earlier as I was leaving - how many times have I had my hair cut at this shop? - going in and out quickly so as to have left a proper tip (she was, I suspect, pleasantly surprised) and then headed over to photograph the fellow in the tree. The same young man, hiding his face behind a bandana, was still holding the tree for Mr. RunningWolf, so I took his picture and wished him luck.

The Frank Ogawa Plaza, site of the Occupy encampment, was still pretty much empty after the lunch hour, a similar number of security people still circling the area, the meditation group (a little larger today) was in place and they'd set up an interfaith tent again next to Mr. Ogawa's bust. OK. One or two pictures and I was done.

I checked out the new exhibition in the Pro Arts Center as I was leaving. I'd seen the figures through the window earlier and wondered, when I first saw them, just for a second, who they were and what they were doing before figuring out they were, well, figures. Statues in a display. An interesting display.

So I took a picture with the new V1 camera and another with the much larger (and older) Nikon D2Xs, not so much to accurately make a comparison - I wasn't ready for that - but to just, you know, see the difference and found them interesting none the less. I had to futz with the color balance in the V1 photograph, not too much, but this is usually the case when you shoot in a mix of interior and exterior light. Otherwise they look alright.

An amble then up Broadway (an amble, not a walk), waiting on a bus when I reached the first stop on Grand, my walking for the day done. A back muscle twinge or two again now that I'm home, no big deal, nothing that won't go away in an hour. Probably good to walk long enough for the muscles to tell me I'd had enough, means we've gotten our exercise in for the day, right? Hup, hup?

Later. I don't believe I mentioned, going to the supermarket last night, I'd picked up four of those little bottles and noticed the two remaining were sitting alone in the kitchen just now. Hmm. Nice. Now I'm down to none. I have a guitar lesson in the morning, there are many ways to prepare.

The photograph was taken at the Occupy Wall Street Rally and March, November 19, 2011 with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.