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November 20, 2011

Doubt (About It)

Sunday. Up fairly late last night finishing the Occupy photographs and getting in more time on the guitar. Not enough to call it a good day on the guitar, but such is life. We'll forgo saying “we'll do better” as we will do better today, but even I can tire of the hup, hup, hups.

Anyway, up at seven-thirty this morning not setting the alarm, to breakfast and back (the avocado omelette, this time, watching the carbohydrates) to finish up yesterday's magnum opus. I don't set out to interminably rattle on, but I do, I do. The writing itself suffers, but evidently, since I don't seem to suffer, I let it suffer on.

Best maybe to pull your head together and stop this nonsense.

Still, the day starts well and I'm feeling pretty good. None of this tiredness/funky-headed/whatever feeling I go on so long about. We are encouraged. It's raining and I'm not going out in the rain to photograph the new Occupy tents (they evidently doubled back yesterday and set up camp in that empty lot I mentioned). But we'll see. If the sun were to come out I can't see why I wouldn't. Maybe check with Mr. RunningWolf, see what he's about.

Later. Lots of rain, so no sojourns out and around, but another session in Photoshop looking through the photographs taken yesterday and coming up with another section. I thought that might be the case, there are probably others in there that, if I really looked at them, should be up there too, but we've gotten most and now I'm done.

So, catch up on the guitar, go over the accumulated paperwork piled here on the desk, actually take care of some of it and to bed, well, to bed when I get to bed. It's only two in the afternoon, the rain is really coming down (as I mentioned), but who knows what might be happening by six? (When, dear god, it seems to have gotten dark.)

Last night I decided to head down the hill to have sushi and sake, the sushi almost totally without carbohydrates you understand, the sake nice after a long day out shooting and sitting at the computer. So hup! hup! and all that stuff, we'll see if by doing this we've encouraged another ocular migraine. So far things are fine, here in the deep submarine canyons of kelp shrouded Oakland.


Later still. Finally a break in the rain, the sun poking through some fairly heavy duty looking clouds, so out the door to the lake to take a picture or two and then walk to the morning café for a cup of coffee and a bagel. Reading this I'm again not sure I have this diet under control. The weight yes, but I suspect bagels and others such as ice cream do not make Jack, in the long run, a good boy. Of course my name isn't Jack....

A good day (We repeat in what? Surprise? Ad Nauseam?). I passed in the distance two other photographers who were taking pictures, one in front of the white columns, of the lake and the sun; one photographing something I couldn't make out somewhat farther along. The light was certainly interesting, good to see that kind of obsession. I wonder sometimes what they're seeing, what's gotten them out just after a rain.

Evening. The day continues to roll along having spent time now on the guitar. It seems it takes me some effort to get me going. I have to sniff around it and goof off doing something with photographs before I'm willing to start, but once started it takes off. Now, having said that, let's hope it's true and I can use the knowledge to do the same thing tomorrow. All this time running around here with the words would be better put to playing, methinks. If I thinks.

Some people think about what they're going to write rather than just scribbling like an idiot.

Sounds too much like work. We're retired, now, if you recall. And besides, idiots have more fun.

I mentioned I'd ordered a small starter set of the just introduced Nikon V1 camera series: a single body, three lenses and a strobe. I'm not sure why, but I have this idea to try something different in a much smaller and different package. They shoot ten rather than twelve megapixel photographs, the difference to me being minimal as I was quite happy with the four megapixel files produced by my old D2h in the early days, but we'll see.

They're mirrorless cameras, like Leicas, only without the price (or the quality). Still, even with their much smaller receptor size and much smaller (and inexpensive) bodies and lenses, they're being released in 2011 when the technical capabilities of camera electronics have come along light years since the days when I first started (at four megapixels) with digital. So we'll see.

Are you just finding ways to spend money?

It could be. If I am I've got to be honest enough to figure that out. Can't be doing this month in and month out. No doubt (about it).

The photograph was taken at the Grand Lake farmer's market this Saturday with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.