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November 19, 2011

We Always Do

Saturday. A halfway decent night's sleep after watching Wallender last night on PBS, Kenneth Branagh with the lead. I'm not sure I sympathize with the character very much, but I like Kenneth Branagh, so what the heck? To bed then at nine-thirty, to sleep I suspect by eleven, up this morning with the alarm and to breakfast and back by eight.

So the day begins, the weekend begins, the sun is out, and the Occupy Wall Street people are planning a march at two this afternoon from City Hall to a small fenced in lot at 19th and Telegraph to set up another camp. I suspect the possibility of turmoil if they carry it off.

My breakfast consisted of two small pork chops (totally tasteless, either because my palate is shot or they're totally tasteless, I guess I'll never know without asking), scrambled eggs and two (small) slices of toast. Carbohydrates, yes, but not so many given the meal. So we'll see how the morning goes. It's usually the later morning that lays me low and, to say the least, I'm interested it how this goes.

So, before we head downtown (unless I walk over to the farmer's market to stretch my legs), I'll get more time in on the guitar. Yesterday worked out well and I think I made progress. I think I have to be more careful and maybe write down how long during any segment I actually practice. Yesterday came to two hours, but I need to be sure. If I can make the progress I made yesterday (in two hours) by keeping rigidly to a schedule then it will be worthwhile. More - hup! hups! - I know, but we are interested in the playing and the practice or we wouldn't be doing it. I don't think. I guess you never know, people being stranger than we think, we being people too. Doodle-dee-do.

Later. A brief walk along the lake and then down by the farmer's market and on to the morning café for coffee and a hard boiled egg. A bird or two on the lake taking one or two pictures, one of a lone Snowy Egret checking out the bottom for breakfast. A late breakfast. I took a picture, but a picture that looks like every other picture I've taken of an egret on the lake. Still, no complaints, the attitude good.

What has now become the monkey forest road isn't giving me a good feeling. I was hoping they might turn their small parking lot into an outdoor eating area, I'm into outdoor tables even with a name like theirs, but I suspect not. Could be wrong, I looked through the slats not seeing much seating space (no tables set up yet), they've still got a way to go, but again I'm not hopeful. A name like monkey forest road is just too cute. Cute was not nature's most popular attainment in the days of my misspent youth, although these people are probably smart and pandering to a much younger (cuter) client.

So we'll see what comes of the afternoon and the Occupy march. I'm not looking to get anywhere near the marchers and the police if something should evolve, they're going to stop them from setting up their tents unless they're hopelessly outnumbered. But you never know. I never know.

The head is good and the tiredness, if that's what it is, has to do with the amount of sleep I got last night and a nap could be in order. Nice to take a nap to get a little sleep instead of curing whatever else may ail us. We seem to suffer from whatever else's. Something a little different than I was expecting this late in life, if I really thought about it at all when I was younger, but still, in addition to being a bother, it's also interesting. Something a little different. A quote I remember from somewhere I suspect: “something a little different”? “And now for something completely different”? Whatever it was as long as it was almost anything other than “cute”.

Later still. A bus at twelve-thirty to the now old Occupy area in front of City Hall where a large group was forming to march to wherever they'd decided to march at two in the afternoon, feeling pretty good I thought, packing both cameras, one with the 24-70mm lens and one with the 70-200. Lots of video photographers, still photographers, security people and marchers about, figuring it was best I check out Mr. RunningWolf to see if he was still in residence. And he was.

To cut a long story short I walked around shooting pictures for a good two hours as they formed up and then set out for wherever they were going, heading out on 14th Street instead up Broadway as I thought they'd advertised. OK, wherever they were going, I was done for the day and headed over to the City Center to have a hot dog and a lemonade, figuring the all beef hot dog didn't count too much for carbohydrates and the bun wasn't all that big. Rationalizations probably, but the hot dog was good.

A walk then down Broadway figuring I'd catch a bus, but there was no bus. No bus? A walk farther on turning on Grand and there was the answer. They'd gone down 14th to turn left on Harrison and then turned right on Grand heading as they had once already in the past toward my apartment, I could see the tail end of the march heading out as I walked down the hill approaching Harrison. OK, they'd done this before, I scooted along catching up to them close to where I lived, taking a picture or two of the police cars following along at the end of the rally.

So the rest of the afternoon was spent downloading and running the pictures through Photoshop, lots of pictures through Photoshop, coming up with a total that allowed two new sections, working well into the evening. A long day, the energy never flagging, wondering what tomorrow was going to look like. We'll know soon enough is my guess, we always do, here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Oakland November 2nd with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.