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Store front in Tigard, Oregon

November 28th, 2001

Here In Oakland
I pick up Wuss tomorrow afternoon. The student vet called and said they hadn't found anything out of line in the tests they'd performed so far, but there were two more tests they wanted to run before I picked him up tomorrow. She said he was eating well and seemed OK.

We got word that our unit is being disbanded and that we will be assigned to the technical support group at the the company beginning the first of January. This means we have jobs for now. They are saying, "don't worry, be happy", but we have no reason to believe them. Rumor is we will be outsourced with our new group to a support company (we hope IBM, but that seems unlikely) in the very near future and we'll know what is true and what is not true when that happens. Life in the fast lane, here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken last Friday of a store front in Tigard, Oregon.