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The Oregon coast off Highway 101

November 27th, 2001

Good Luck, Mr. Wuss
Mr. Wuss wasn't altogether happy to make another trip in his cat travelling kit, but we got to the Small Animal Clinic at Davis right before ten. A student at the college interviewed me and then gave him a thorough examination. Then she left the examining room to confer with one of the doctors. She returned with two doctors in tow and repeated the examination, one a neurologist (cats have neurologists!), the other, the senior veterinarian in charge of this case. All of them gave me confidence this was the big leagues and they knew what they were doing. The questioning was thorough and seemed perceptive. You never know.

The neurologist said he didn't believe Wuss had neurological damage. They all watched carefully as Wuss walked around the examing room, a little stiffness, they thought (and I thought) in his back legs, but no pain, nothing unusual for a cat his age. A neurological condition, the doctor said as an aside, might correlate with his incontinence, but as far as they could tell, without additional tests, this was not the issue.

Bottom line, Wuss will be there until Thursday. The student will call me in the early evenings with an update. They will run tests. Incontinence in cats is rare, even more rare in male cats. I left the Wusser and a $300 deposit. He looked skinny and, well, forlorn, or, maybe, to put it in a better light, resigned. Good luck, Mr. Wuss.

The photograph was taken Sunday on the Oregon coast just off Highway 101.