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Off Highway 42 in Oregon

November 29th, 2001

Made That Mistake
The rumors that the support groups will be outsourced by the end of the year are spreading. This makes sense. It even makes sense, perhaps, to assign the four of us to a soon to be outsourced support unit. We will be given the choice of taking a severance package, in my case just under eight weeks of salary plus any accrued vacation, say maybe ten weeks total after my trip to Oregon, or going over to the out sourcing company with just the accrued vacation. The dilemma is what sort of reception you will have at the out sourcing company? We saw what one of them did to our mainframe people. Not nice. This seems to be a decision I will have to make. What can I say? Interesting.

Oddly, it gives me a chance to put together a web site for the support group I'm joining, something they've badly needed. My guess is I can knock something halfway nice out in a week with a little overtime here in the evenings and on the weekend. I think I'll do that. A parting gift. What can I say? I'm crazy.

Wuss has a reasonably clean bill of health. They don't know why he's lost weight over these lastRecording studio door in Tigard, Oregon two years, they ran every test they could think of, although the test involving the insertion of a catheter failed for lack of the proper equipment (what does this tell me about this "Mayo Clinic" for cats?) So, Wuss is asleep as I write and I have a bottle of pills that I must feed him twice a day, one quarter of a pill at a time. They gave me some little empty gelatine capsules to put the quarter pill in and suggested I buy a pill "chopper" at a pharmacy. They showed me what a pill chopper looked like. They had quartered one and put the pieces in four of the gelatine capsules. Cute. I'll do it. Sometimes, they said, it will cure the cat in a day, sometimes it takes weeks, so do it for a month. I think I tried these before when they were prescribed by my old vet, but I didn't have one of these swell pill choppers or gelatine capsules to put them in. OK. I can do this.

I'm also going to get Wuss one of those cat multi-level climb up on top Jungle Jimmy things that I've seen and position it so he can sleep looking out the front window down onto the street. See if I can keep him off the rugs. I need strategy here. I'm thinking of a warming pad with a rubber lined blanket on top. I'm thinking of many things, none of them yet involving homicide. And I'm thinking I'd better spend the money before I'm laid off and I have to worry about spending money. Did I mention that I'd made the mistake as a youth of not being born into a family of unlimited means? Many seem to have made that mistake.

The banner photograph was taken last Sunday off Highway 42 in Oregon. The second photo is of a recording studio door located in Tigard, Oregon.