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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 30, 2016


Monday. To sleep early last night for good reason. Awake ten minutes before six to get up and drive to breakfast, the day starting well. Overcast with the sun breaking through after returning to the apartment. We'll do more photographs today before attending the Bernie Sanders speech now scheduled for two in the afternoon so as to not conflict with the Warriors and Sharks games later this evening. May turn out to be a short speech for me, at least, if they don't allow you to bring in a (large, bulky, professional) camera.

Later. More futzing with the Carnaval pictures before catching the one o'clock bus downtown to discover I was not the only person showing up a little early for the rally. I expected a crowd, a large crowd, but there was a crowd and a line that went on for what seemed like miles, one of the policemen saying they'd planned for as many as ten thousand people. There must have been a couple of thousand people already standing waiting in line when I arrived.

Well, lines. Don't like standing in lines, (I may have mentioned this) but a walk along those lines for about twenty minutes taking pictures before walking on then back to Grand and catching a bus home. Got off the bus to pick up a grilled chicken sandwich, but the burger drive-in was closed.

Processed today's pictures and then got back into the Carnaval photographs before remembering I'd skipped the Elementary episode last night and so a break to bed and the tablet to lie down and watch. A repeat, one I'd seen way back when, but I only remembered a scene here and there as it played. Bad news perhaps for the memory, but I must admit it made watching it more interesting. Good and bad, salt and pepper. Who knows?

The Warriors game tonight at six. I must admit I'm interested and will dial in on the radio now and again to see how it's going. If there were a sports bar or such close by that's showing it I might....

Evening. Sports bar. What was I saying? Clearly wasn't thinking. More work with the Carnaval photographs while dialing into the Warriors game now and again on AM radio. They broadcast the game on AM, but are forbidden by their contract to stream it over the web. The Warriors, behind in the first half as they were in game six, came on strong in the second half and won the game. For someone who hasn't followed the team or the season I seem to have become pretty hyper while listening to these playoff games.

Nothing on television, nothing I want to continue on the tablet and so to bed not long after nine. The only comments I've seen on Sander's speech downtown were two on Twitter claiming a crowd of sixty thousand. No way there were sixty thousand people, but I'll be all that more interested to see what the papers report tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.