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Here In Oakland

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May 31, 2016

That's Been It

Tuesday. Don't remember it turning ten last night and so lights out earlier than ten to awaken fifteen minutes before the alarm, thinking best to get up leisurely, take my time, no need to arrive too early. Which I did. Mostly. Once you start a much repeated process, the process takes over and suddenly you find yourself outside, heading to breakfast.

The sky was clear and so over to the opposite side of Grand by the lake, taking a picture of the area where they're adding the paved foot path and another at the pergola where the usual crew was working out. Hmm. Not something I did when I was their age. To my detriment, no doubt, but I've never learned yet to get my head around pushups in the morning before seven. Or after.

A good breakfast, a walk home skipping a picture of the pandorea flowers because there are no more pandorea flowers, although the vines look fine. Bright sun, good attitude, no complaints. Oh, and the East Bay Times, formerly the Oakland Tribune, estimates a crowd of eleven thousand at the Bernie Sanders rally yesterday afternoon. OK. Might be true. Lots of people in any case.

Oh, and the laundry is underway, today being the day it should be done. Which is good as I'm usually a week beyond that day when I start.

Later. Laundry done, folded and hung. Socks later. We do the socks later.

Processing pictures. I do have three sections of parade photographs, so better than the two I'd thought. A walk over to the lake to see how much path they've poured today. It's obviously going to take time to finish as laying cement evidently takes more time than I imagined. We learn as we get older. On then to the café by the fitness center to have an ice cream sandwich and a small coffee. Quite warm outside, but even warmer inside the café, and so out the door and straight home.

And that's been the afternoon: processing photographs, a brief walk and more futzing with the camera setups (why have I taken so long to figure them out?).

Evening. Listened to Democracy Now as I processed more pictures. They seem to be taking longer than they have in the past. Maybe go back and check the journal to see how long it took to process them last year when I had so many sections, compare the time spent shooting with what I spent this year. Strange idea. Go back and read portions of the journal. To avoid embarrassment?

Now, now.

Watched the first twenty minutes of Charlie Rose, a discussion of the primaries. Nothing new to learn, but they keep talking and I listen more often than not. Started another movie on the tablet and managed to stick with it for close to an hour before turning out the lights. At six after ten. And that's been it.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.