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Here In Oakland

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May 29, 2016


Sunday. To sleep easily enough after ten to then awaken fifteen minutes before six thinking this is good as we don't have that much time for breakfast today as we have to drive straight to the 12th Street BART station when we're finished eating. Need to allow extra time in case I need to search for a parking space if they all happen to be taken near the station and so wolfed down breakfast too fast, didn't finish eating all of it as the time drew short, but managed to leave the restaurant by eight to drive straight downtown to park without a problem to then wait ten minutes for the train.

Not bad. I'd had the usual “do I really want to do this” phobia conversation with self, both this morning and yesterday evening, but once out the door I felt just fine, thank you, let's get on the train. Good energy, good all the rest. Brought the two cameras, one in the backpack, one over the shoulder, got off the train at the 24th Street station and walked ten blocks along a crowded 24th Street to Bryant. Still, good energy, no problem.

An hour and half later I was pretty much spent. Those ten blocks back to Mission and the train took (what seemed like) twice the time it had taken to arrive. It probably did. Still, on the train back to the car, the car to the 7-11 look-alike for a pint of Strawberry ice cream and then home to download the pictures and eat the ice cream, still in one piece.

Better now, it's taken perhaps an hour for things to settle out, another discussion with self about getting more exercise than the walking I'm getting in now. Stamina. Need more stamina. No aching muscles, well, a few, but if I'm to continue doing these, I'm going to have to prepare by working out. Somewhat. A bit more. Tomorrow.

A bright sun, not as warm as it was yesterday, the pictures, well, we'll know soon enough.

Later. Processing the photographs. Not as many as I'd hoped when I was setting out. Never sure if it's me or just the way the parade itself came together, who was participating, the luck in finding the kind of images I'm after. A section, certainly, probably two, but I was able to put together seven sections last year and five to seven the years before that. So what happened? Well, more pictures to process, we'll know better when it's sorted out tomorrow.

Evening. No Elementary at six. I remembered it ran (had been running up until now, I guess) at six on Sunday evenings, remembering it at two minutes before six just as I was returning from a trip to the store with a bag of Doritos and a can of bean dip. (Don't ask, it didn't seem crazy at the time.) Remembering, the thinking was: good, we'll sit down, eat the chips and dip while we're watching. A local news program came on instead.

So I am indeed tired after a long day today. Nothing whatsoever on T.V. except for the Elementary that's scheduled to start at ten, but I'll watch it tomorrow on the tablet. Complicated, these three day weekends.

The photo up top was taken this morning, walking along 24th toward Bryant and the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.