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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 22, 2016


Sunday. Lights out at ten to awaken at six feeling, well, OK insofar as I can tell. Well, we'll say good, feeling good, getting up, getting ready and driving to breakfast on another overcast grey morning. Go with upbeat if we're not quite sure.

Leaving the restaurant and taking my usual set of pictures of the gas station sign and the pandorea flowers (what few are left) I noticed the camera had been set to shoot one third stop under. I do this in taking the pandorea flower pictures, the white petals overpowering the camera's ability to properly take them into account when calculating the exposure. Which means it had been set yesterday at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration to dim the pictures by one-third of a stop. Not the end of the world, you can adjust such a small increment in Lightroom and Photoshop, but it seems I wasn't hallucinating yesterday in processing the pictures, thinking, overcast day or not, the pictures seemed somewhat underexposed. Either that or this new camera (and therefore I) have a problem.

Another memory glitch? You're not checking when you set out?

I check everything else. It's just in the past the exposure compensation setting hasn't usually been something that's been altered. Bitten on the ass by a pandorea flower?

Check your damned camera settings in the future. Twice. Thrice. Think before you shoot!

Later. A slow day. A bath, a nap and then a long session putting together a web section of Asian Heritage Street Celebration photographs. They're up now that it's into the late afternoon. Haven't stuck my nose out the door all day other than vaguely thinking of going out to get something to eat now that the sun is out.

Evening. Clicking between channels I stumbled across tonight's Elementary episode ten minutes after it had started, totally forgot it was running yesterday. I'm not yet to the point of attaching sticky notes to cupboard doors or the computer screen, but maybe I'm closer than I think. Tape a checklist to the cameras? If necessary.

One of the primary deviations in the Elementary season they're replaying these weekends shows Holmes fighting and losing to a heroin addiction, exaggerating the Conan Doyle Holmes use of cocaine to, um, stimulate the mind in moments of depression. Not snort cocaine, but shoot cocaine, the Doyle Holmes hinting at, but never really suggesting, a full blown addiction.

I guess I really don't like the Elementary deviation and focus on a heroin addiction, the loss of control doesn't fit my idea of the Doyle character. But they didn't ask my advice or, if they did, I no longer quite remember them asking.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the San Francisco Asian Heritage Street Celebration with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.