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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 21, 2016

Coming Up

Saturday. To bed and lights out at ten and to sleep pretty much straight through until quarter after six, to awaken and head out to breakfast. Overcast, no sun, but no thought of rain either, although it did rain as I was eating, stopping before heading home. Hmm.

The Asian Heritage Street Celebration later this morning in San Francisco starting at eleven at the U.N. Plaza and I'm suspecting, if it doesn't rain, that I'll be there to take pictures. An easy enough trip. Some of the usual feelings and thoughts about staying here instead, but nothing too over the top and so pictures later. Right?

Later. The dry mouth started coming on as I was writing and so to bed for an hour, getting maybe fifteen minutes of sleep. OK, the dry mouth and somewhat funky feeling passed in that hour, the weather looked good and so a bus at eleven-thirty to BART to arrive at the U.N. Plaza just after noon and start taking pictures for as long as I could without, I'm afraid, too much luck. Me or the luck?

Overcast. Maybe the overcast and the earlier rain had somewhat held down the crowd. Still a fair number people, but I ended up taking pictures primarily of the performers and not many of people in the audiences and milling about. Ah, well. We'll process the pictures and think about it for a while, go through our usual (what happened?) routine after a shoot.

Tired and a little frustrated finally and so a train to Oakland, a walk up Broadway to the Subway on Grand to pick up a tuna fish sandwich and bring it home for lunch. Two or so hours seemed to have tired me out and so to bed to lie down for another hour before starting on the pictures. Two hours and feeling much better, but I suspect this is the future: two hours of shooting and our day is done. All done.

Evening. Processed pictures. Not really enough for a section, although I'll end up having put one together by tomorrow. Nothing on television, tried the Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn movie on PBS at eight, one I hadn't seen before, but bailed after five or ten minutes. The late afternoon spent processing pictures, interrupted now and again by watching short pieces of television series. At least the day's earlier running around seems to have to a large degree blown itself out. Or am I making this up? How much of tired is related to the earlier running around and how much is related to age?

The age thing again.

It does seem to keep coming up.

The photo up top was taken at this year's How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.