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May 17, 2016

No Idea

Tuesday. I did track down an AM station that was carrying the Warriors game last night and dialed in at various times to see how they were doing. Pretty good in the first half, not so good in the second. Such is life, one might guess, who can reliably predict these outcomes? Other than our pundit class, of course, who are invariably accurate in their political predictions.

Now, now.

Anyway, lights out by ten to awaken just before six and listen to the first half of Democracy Now as I got ready to walk to breakfast. Bright sun this morning, they're saying well into the eighties and so a picture to document the day as I set out along Grand. Still slightly under one fifty-one on the scale and so a mushroom omelet and a full order of country potatoes (with the fruit and coffee) for breakfast. A nice day out there and a good start on a Tuesday in May. I'd say.

Decided against taking the car in for service, we'll take care of it Thursday as we have a package arriving I want to be here to sign for tomorrow when it arrives. Another camera. Ah, well. I only worry about such idiot things as I'm lying in bed, half asleep, truth creeping into the semi-conscious me and waving a finger under my nose.

Later. Same old (what to do, what to eat?) routine and so a walk to the lake. Very few birds, a few gulls, not really any geese, but a Snowy Egret searching out its lunch and so a couple of pictures just because. Not very many people out and so sat for a while on an empty bench, a lone surveyor taking sight lines for who knows what? At the lake? Warm, though. The temperature approaching ninety. They're saying cooler through the weekend. I'm up for that.

Later still. A call from the doctor's office, the Protime number still a little low and so an extra half hit of the meds on Wednesdays and now Fridays. OK. Whatever.

Haven't been doing much since the walk, listening to the news as it plays on the television set while sitting at the computer. Taking a break to lie down for a while. Not tired, but not against a little rest. Sounds like a not uncommon way to spend an afternoon. Not hungry or, if hungry, not able to talk myself into going out to eat.

I do still eat here, but things I have in the kitchen, various noodle cups - Spicy Szechuan Asian noodles, Chinese noodles, Thai Peanut Asian noodles, Teriyaki noodles, Hemp Peach Oatmeal - and I'll eat one and then another through an afternoon. Yes, I worry they don't make for a sensible diet and so I add a cup of frozen peas and corn now and again, just to be sure. I still have the occasional pasta with clam sauce, of course, but lately less often.

One hopes you're kidding.

At least none of that stuff encourages ocular migraines.

Evening. Two Democratic primaries today, Kentucky and Oregon, both limited to registered Democrats, no independents allowed as they're allowed to vote here in California. Close in Kentucky as I write, the polls closing later at eight in Oregon. Yes, yes, Bernie's probably been beaten for the nomination, but I sealed my ballot in its envelope earlier and will mail it to vote for him in the morning. We independents like to at least pretend to be independent.

Nothing I wanted to watch on televison, Charlie Rose didn't interest me, although I was tempted by his first discussion with a network television executive, and so to bed. Bernie won in Oregon, good for Oregon, and lost by half a percentage point in Kentucky. What does it all mean in the great scheme of things, Mr. Natural? I have no damned idea.

The photo up top was taken at this year's How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.